Hey everyone it’s Deven Luca here and I’ve got some new news with Fate/Grand Order.

I’ve been been putting in work to make this a good news post as well as a good speculation.

First previous business needs to be taken care of.

Roar! A New Berserker Rushes the Battlefield!

Hmm let me do some research….He fought Alexander the Great…Persian…

It’s Darius the 3rd. I don’t know much about him but hey he’s breathing fire! I’m on any team that breathes fire.

Next up…

Swoosh! A New Archer Pulls Out His Bow!

Damn it! I wanted David! This ain’t David!!! It’s Arjuna from Indian Mythology…. I can work with this.

Remember Karna from Fate/Apocrypha. For those that don’t know he’s one of the most powerful Servants you can summon. He’s from the Age of Gods, he’s got an Anti-Country and Anti-God Noble Phantasm, and he can lay down a beating on Vlad the 3rd on his own territory.

This guy is his rival! They went head to head a good few times during the Mahabharata. He’s the only guy that beat him and only got the win when the Indian gods laid down so much hax on on Karna he had to win.

Arjuna’s rocking not one but two bottomless quivers on his legs and he’s got a bow with the string made of lightning!

He’s good in my book.

Now to the serious stuff.

Now first I was reading around the Fate Wiki and saw the Fate/Grand Order page had been updated.

So First the game has been pushed back yet again to Winter 2015 so it will probably be out this December maybe.

Another thing I saw that was interesting that Nasu up until before the development of Fate/Grand Order never had a smartphone. As it says it was his personal goal not to get one to prevent him from being a complete slacker.

I can see that…a lot.

Remember we’re still looking for the Tsukihime remake and the sequels to Mahou no Yoru(Mahou Tsukai no Yoru). He takes breaks to play Bloodbourne and whole lot of other things. The last thing we want for him to do is get a smartphone and get stuck in Candy Crush or something like it.

Anyway he got a smartphone so he can do some reference for smartphone games in preparing for Grand Order. And he liked it…maybe that’s the reason why the release date keeps getting pushed back…

“Nasu sees the development of smartphone games as a revolution in its own way. For example, core players can enjoy the luxury of high graphics on home consoles, while smartphone games can be used to reach out to the mass audience.” quoted from Fate Wiki

Which is completely true since most people have a smartphone and play lots of games on it. And those that don’t typically have a tablet. I don’t have a smartphone but I typically have a tablet to play games on.

Clever move Nasu. Now get back to work!

Finally the third part. We’ve got Seiyuu that are going to be in Grand Order!

Now looking at this list, I remembered something I read about the game.

“My Lord. Once more, I shall raise this flag, for this country’s—no, this world’s salvation.
Order has gone up in flames, and so much purpose has been lost. Our future vanished in but a second.
Listen to my words, brave warriors gathered here, legion of heroic spirits who retain their reason!
No matter if you were sworn enemies or no matter how far your time periods apart, now you must entrust your backs to one another!
My true name is Joan of Arc. In the name of my lord, I shall stand as your shield!
This struggle is one that has long endured through the sands of human history.
But there is no need for concern, as untold fateful encounters await you.
Though this entire planet has become the battlefield of the Holy Grail War, though the world has been brought to ruin, though countless formidable foes block your path, the end has still yet to be determined by anyone.
Now, let us begin our fight, Master.
The curtains rise on the largest scale Holy Grail War in history.
Fate/Grand Order, a story of reclaiming the future.”

Now look at the bolded text. Now out of the Servants that were revealed so far, none of them were enemies granted they all lived in different time periods. But looking at this list of seiyuu in the game and who they’ve played in the Fate series, you’ve got to admit that this Holy Grail War is going to be massive.

Let’s look at who we’ve got. These are going to be the ones that aren’t confirmed to return. Ones confirmed to be there with a seiyuu are:

Fate/Stay Night’s Rider(Medusa) played by Yuu Asakawa.

Fate/ Extra’s Lancer(Elizabeth Bathory) played by Rumi Okubo

Fate/Zero’s Berserker(Lancelot of the Lake) played by Ryotaro Okiayu

Fate/Stay Night’s Saber(Arturia Pendragon) played by Ayako Kawasumi

Fate/Stay Night’s Lancer(Cu Chulainn) played by Nobutoshi Canna

Fate/Stay Night’s Berserker(Heracles) played by Tadahisa Saizen

Fate/Apocrypha’s Ruler(Jeanne d’Arc) played by Maaya Sakamoto

Fate/Stay Night’s Archer(Heroic Spirit Emiya) played by Junichi Suwabe

Fate/Extra’s Saber(Nero) played by Sakura Tange

Fate/ Prototype’s Lancer(Cu Chulainn(Prototype version) played by Kazuya Nakai

Fate/ Stay Night’s Assassin(Sasaki Kojiro) played by Shin-ichiro Miki


Now before we move on we have to note Cu Chulainn who is here in two forms, his Fate/Stay Night form and his Fate/Prototype form. That means that the game will be pulling heroes from everywhere and in any universe. Things are going to be interesting.

Now for the characters that haven’t been confirmed but we can guess they’ll be there because of their seiyuu’s on the cast list.

Akina Abe who played Assassin in Fate/Zero. That confirms the Hundred Faced Assassin.

Tetsu Inada who played Assassin in Fate/Stay Night. That confirms the True Assassin.

Hisao Egawa who played Lancer in Fate/Extra. That confirms the Fate/ Extra version of Vlad III.

Akio Otsuka who played Rider in Fate/Zero. That confirms Iskander the Great.

Chiwa Saito who played Caster in Fate/Extra. That confirms Tamamo no Mae.

Takahiro Sakurai who played Saber in Fate/Prototype. That confirms the Fate/Prototype version of King Arthur.

Tomokazu Seki who played Archer in Fate/Zero. That confirms Gilgamesh.

Urara Takano who played Rider in Fate/Extra. That confirms Francis Drake.

Atsuko Tanaka who played Caster in Fate/Stay Night. That confirms Medea.

Satoshi Tsuruoka who played Caster in Fate/Zero. That confirms Gilles de Rais.

Takuma Terashima who played Avenger in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. That confirms Angra Mainyuu.

Kosuke Toriumi who played Archer in Fate/Extra. That confirms Robin Hood.

Yuuchi Nakamura who played Archer in Fate/Prototype. That confirms the Fate/Prototype version of Gilgamesh.

Ai Nonaka who played Caster in Fate/Extra. That confirms Nursery Rhyme.

Takahiro Mizushima who played Saber in Fate/Extra. That confirms Gawain.

Hikaru Midorikawa who played Lancer in Fate/Zero. That confirms Diarmuid Ua Duibhne.

We also have Kana Ueda, Sayaka Oohara, Noriko Shitaya, and Daisuke Namikawa confirmed as well. Assuming that they won’t be playing Servants that confirms we will probably ally with Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou, Irisviel von Eiznbern, and either Waver Velvet as a kid or Lord El Melloi II either in the present time or meet with them over the course of the game.

And people are wondering. What about Servants from series that haven’t been animated like Fate/Apocrypha or Fate/ Strange Fake. Relax. We’ve had Siegfried confirmed for a while. That says to me only one thing. Every Servant, and when I say every Servant I mean every Servant that has ever been made, will be in this game. It’s truly a Grand Undertaking.

I’m taking back the stuff I said about Type Moon. When you hire this many people from this many franchises, I’m shocked they didn’t go under. We can all see where the UBW money from Ufotable’s going. Getting all these seiyuu together, the making of the game, the testing, and all the other stuff would cost a heck of a lot of money. If this is the case, take some time Type-Moon, I’m surprised they didn’t go bankrupt with all this stuff.

Now for some speculation.

Originally I thought we were going to have 11 Servants playable, the seven revealed Servants and the four that were already confirmed. But now we have every Servant ever made by Type-Moon coming at us. So now we have to wonder why are so many Servants needed?

Remember the general plot I talked about. The Chaldea Security Organization saw the future and that humanity will go extinct in 2016.

Now know this. Gaia, at least in the Nasu-verse, doesn’t care about humans. It’s Alaya who is the Counter Force that protects humans.

And Heroic Spirits at least the regular ones are on the Throne of Heroes which is controlled by Gaia. Alaya’s Counter Guardians are on the Throne as well but they’re kinda special.

So since a massive amount of Servants are being summoned, it’s safe to say that Gaia and Alaya are working together on this one. That means that the Planet is in danger of dying as well as the extinction of humanity. And if you don’t know, Fate/Kaleid, Fate/Extra, Tsuki no Sango, and Notes have all shown worlds where the planet has died or is near death. It ain’t pretty. So Gaia and Alaya are stepping it up to save the world from ending up like those.

So in Fate/Grand Order there is no room for failure. If you and your Servants fail, the world dies.

We must win! Onward to save the world!

So that’s all I have for the little news/speculation. I’m not rushing Type-Moon to get the game out but wouldn’t be very ironic that they put the game out in 2016 just when they said the world was going to end. Hilarious in a dark way.

So until the next bit of news,
Later Days

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