(Inner Writer: You missed a lot of Fairy Tail reviews. What were you doing?!

Deven: Fairy Tail reviews? Why this is the first I have heard of this? Did something happen?

Inner Writer: You know exactly what happened? You-

Deven knocks out the Inner Writer and looks directly at the readers.

Deven: What Fairy Tail Reviews? Then you all say “I have no idea what you’re talking about Deven.” And we all move on. Got it? Alright. Let’s start.)

So ignoring that little thing, I’m back to regular with my reviews. Sorry for the lapse. Finals are hell. So after the events of the Sun Village arc, all you need to know is that Sun Village is saved.

Side Note: You kinda expected it with the Song of the Fairies episode but I’m still shocked that they changed it. For those that didn’t know or didn’t read the manga, most of the chapter was done in a hot spring. It was very fanservicey and even Mashima himself said that he went too far. Remember that time where Natsu accidentally beat Erza to the ground. It was the same in the manga save Erza was naked. Naked hot girl with her butt up in the air like that equals very large implications.

But anyway…And that the Nine Demon Gates have been introduced.

They are as follows:

Silver the Absolute Zero


Kyoka, Goddess of the Slave Planet


Evil Utaha-senpai!!! I always knew it was wise to be on Team Kato and now I have full proof. She turned evil! The joke is that Utaha and Kyoka both have Ai Kayano as their seiyuu.

Also I have some annoyances with how they translated her title. The Mangastream translated it as “Slave Star Angel” which I like a lot more than “Goddess of the Slave Planet”

Her voice is still as sexy as nothing I can imagine.

Franmalth, the Armored.


Good voice and it fits. His title is similar to the Mangastream one which was the Armored Shell.

Torafuzar, the Dark


Excellently done voice and the title is pretty much the same. He went from being the Darkness to the Dark. Not much of a change.

Ezel, the Dojigiri


I’m kinda happy that they didn’t translate it because it would be a major spoiler for the arc. But the Mangastream translation was Child Slicer…and the only major character who’s a child in this manga is Wendy. Fight confirmed!

Seilah, the Goddess of the Chill Moon


Nooo! I will not accept this as the official translation! It’s Sayla and that’s what I’m going to say in my reviews! Also another beautiful voice. Aki Toyosaki, your voice is like gold! Also I can’t wait for that scene…ah Ai Kayano and Aki Toyosaki…I can’t wait for the implications of it.

Finally Keyes, the Black Archbishop.


I can deal with the title change from Black Priest to Black Archbishop. The voice…ahahahah oh god it hurts. The comedy in this is too much. He’s voiced by Joji Nakata or Kirei Kotomine.

So Kotomine went from being an evil priest…to an evil demon priest…I see this more as a lateral move not much of a change.

We also have Jackal but that’s for later.

Now you’re caught up. Let’s get up to this week’s episode.

The battle between Laxus and Tempesta of the Nine Demon Gates starts and…it’s over really quick.

Maybe this arc is going to be easy, said by no one that read the manga.

However Tempesta’s got some tricks up his sleeves…he has no sleeves…he’s got tricks up something darn it!

Tempesta turns into anti-Ethernano particles which are an absolute poison to wizards. It leaves Yajima, Evergreen, Freed, Bickslow, and even Laxus on the ground coughing and nearly dead. All while Tempesta gets go to back to HQ.

So in order to save the townspeople Laxus uses his Dragon Slayer lungs to breath in the poison. He orders Freed to bring everyone back to Fairy Tail.

We get the rundown of the situation and we learn that even though Laxus put everything into saving everyone the number of people affected by the Anti-Ethernano Particles is still rising. 119 are confirmed dead.

And with so many member of Fairy Tail down Natsu says only one thing.


Sounded much cooler the first time he did it back in the Phantom Lord Arc but now it seems too overused to me.

So after the commercial everyone and their granny is trying to stop Natsu from running off and trying to find Tartarus. Mostly because they have no idea where they are.

Then we move to the Tartarus guild hall where we see Tempesta getting healed but we also see this.


She’s becoming a demon! Do you really want to beat Erza that bad?

So after we get back from Tartarus we see that Loke’s back and he’s got info. The best plan for right now seeing as the Council members, present and past are being attack is to guard them. Luckily Loke’s got some addresses of former members.


We all know what he was doing. Council members with hot daughters or granddaughters with Loke!

Loke tried to stop being a player but it just doesn’t take for very long.

So we head over to Michello’s house where Lucy, Natsu, Wendy, Happy, and Carla are protecting him. And we see his granddaughter who is quite cute.


Good man Loke. Leave no female unflirted with.


She has to admit that my man is a legend.

So Natsu smells something off and tells everyone to get down only to find Jackal here, ready to kill Michello.


Good ending but I wish they used the Mangastream line. “It’s time to start putting Tartarus in body bags.” So epically cool but this one works too.

So that’s all we’ve got with this review. I can’t wait for the epicness that is Natsu vs. Jackal.

So until then,
Later Days

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