Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 21:And Thus, My Life Needs No Meaning

Two Shiros and both have come to a conclusion about their ideals.

This is going to be a mini review because I want to finally catch up and I’ll be using mostly GIFs.

So the battle between Shiro and Archer ends and it is glorious.


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And during this legendary clash, Archer finally remembers why he chose to be a hero of justice. Because he wanted to stop tragedies like the Fuyuki Fire. Fighting Shiro helped him rememeber that.

And their battle ends with Shiro stabbing Archer in the stomach.


As Archer is defeated, Saber understands something about her self as well. Even if she has regretted everything she’s done, she still wasn’t wrong for taking that path although both paths weren’t wrong.


And then Gilgamesh shows up and kills Archer and Rin, who arrived after the battle against Archer, tries to shoot at him but it doesn’t even hit him because she’s so angry.

Then Gil goes a full out gloating session about the Grail and explains that it’s a Gateway to Hell and capable of killing billions of people. And that’s what Gil wants it for. He’ll let the Grail kill everyone and the people next are going to be the citizens of next Uruk with him as the kind.

And then he walks away as if daring to tell them to try and stop this.

Then we see that Shinji’s whining in the forest after getting stabbed by Lancer. He’s all blamey on Gil but he isn’t about that.

So Shinji you want the Grail? Fine Gil’s willing to give it to you.

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And the world rejoiced. And with that the episode ends and I end this review with a smile.

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