I read it in the manga and it makes just as little sense here. They even had the music like he died and Carla was crying! Mashima if you’re going to try to kill someone do it right!

So we start off with the end of Natsu vs. Jackal.

Jackal gets his butt and handed to him by Natsu and he even goes full out Etherious form and still meets the business end of Natsu’s fist courtesy of Lightning Flame Dragon’s Firing Hammer.

So Jackal’s beaten but he’s a sore loser so he’s going to blow up the entire city. Happy tries to take him into the sky to save the city but Jackal goes boom and Happy dies.


Or that’s what they want you to think. He’s fine…


He got caught in an explosion that would destroy the entire city and all he got was his hair messed up…

I’m not going to touch any of that.

So we head over to the rest of the Fairy Tail members where we see that they weren’t as lucky as Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy. All the council members they went to are dead.

Now I want to talk about Elfman and Lisanna because they actually meet a member of Tartarus, Sayla(I dare anyone to correct me. It’s Sayla! Not Seliah!) is there and she makes Elfman choke Lisanna. Ah the sweet irony. He thought he killed his sister now he really is going to kill his sister. Circle is now complete.

What do you have to say you beautiful demoness?



Well said Ms. Sexy Demoness.

Then we go back to Natsu and friends where that loser Michello explains that Tartarus is after Face, a Magic Pulse Bomb that can could get rid of all magic on the continent.


The weapon can only be activated by killing three former council members which explains why Tartarus has been going around killing former members. So only the former chairman knows who these people are and so Fairy Tail sends their two most reliable members.


Now ye fierce resplendent fairies, sing ye Tartarus its requiem!!

I’ve seen a lot of Mirajane vs. Erza videos but people never talk about if they worked together. Too epic.

So that’s all we’ve got here. I can’t wait until the next episode.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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