Why no H-scene?! You didn’t have to show Shiro and Rin getting it on but at least have like a little fade to black thing

So sorry this review is going to be short and combined with the episode 23 review. Danmachi Episode 11 will also be a short review.

So let’s get into this review.

So after the epic battle against Archer and Gil just daring them to try and stop him. It’s almost like Gil wants an audience as he destroys the world. He just loves the attention.

So once Shiro, Rin, and Saber get home, they have a meal…a meal? Gilgamesh is about to annihilate a good chuck of humanity and you three are just sitting around eating?


I know why they stalled though. Because of this is successful(and it’s a mighty big if) Saber will disappear. They want to spend those last few moments together.

So during the little talk they figure out that the only person that can defeat Gilgamesh is the Heroic Spirit Emiya…but he’s clearly dead…sure he is…that’s exactly what happened…

So what are we going to do now that we don’t have Archer? Answer Shiro! BUt he doesn’t have the mana to pull off the number of projections to beat Gilgamesh so what to do?

The answer is mana transfer. Oooh H-scene right? Wrong. Ufotable chickened out and used the Realta Nua version of Unlimited Blade Works.

Now for some explantion. The original Fate Stay Night was an Eroge(ie a game with some adult things in it). However when you’re supposed to be an Eroge but you only have a grand total of 6 H-Scenes you fail.

Unlimited Blade Works:1
Heaven’s Feel: 3

Anyway the H-scenes at least have some purpose in the story. They’re mostly for mana transfers. For example here, the only way that Shiro and Rin establish their link is through …that type of physical contact.

Now in Realta Nua Rin hacks Shiro into her Magic Circuit by giving him a piece of her Magic Crest…which is impossible. I can’t take this. It’s been said before in various Fate projects that only members of the family can be given the Magic Crest. You can’t just add Shiro in.

Anyway while that happens Shiro and Rin see dolphins…

Oh so that’s what those things were during the ending song.

And we also see this.

vlcsnap-2015-06-20-01h10m10s254 vlcsnap-2015-06-20-01h10m40s117

This is actually really important to Heaven’s Feel because Sakura was there watching as well. It’s also somewhat important to Fate/Kaleid because according to the wiki, Luvia Edefelt traveled often to Japan as a child and saw Shiro doing the jump as well. It seems like everyone was there that day…

So now Shiro’s all better in the mana department and he goes to see Saber who’s outside in the yard.

And she’s happy.


She’s said that by watching Archer and Shiro’s fight she’s reached her own answer. That even though she suffered and took wrong turns, the path that she has chosen wasn’t wrong. And she thanks him for showing her that.

And that’s another happy Saber. Not as happy as the one in Fate that ended up in Avalon with Shiro but still she’ll end up happy. I’m not sure in Unlimited Blade Works whether Saber goes to Avalon or she gets her rightful spot on the Throne of Heroes but I personally bank on Avalon. She’s done fighting battles, both physical and emotional. It’s time to let her rest.

So the episode ends with that and the fact that Gil is preparing the Grail to release Angra Mainyuu.

So in episode 23 there’s two things that really happen.

Saber finds out that Assassin isn’t dead yet.


Can’t keep a good Servant down. They get into it where Assassin explains about what he really is: A fictional Heroic Spirit.

vlcsnap-2015-06-20-01h17m54s119 vlcsnap-2015-06-20-01h17m58s338 vlcsnap-2015-06-20-01h18m05s126

Fictional Heroic Spirits are a unique little group of Heroic Spirits. They are Heroic Spirits that never existed as people but are still exalted as heroes or legends so they reach the Throne of Heroes anyway.

Out of all the Servants revealed there are only three that are fictional: Sasaki Kojiro, Dr. Jekyll, Nursery Rhyme, and Frankenstein’s Monster.

Nursery Rhyme whips them all in my opinion. She becomes the nursery rhyme that you loved as a child. In Fate/Extra Alice loved Alice in Wonderland and Lewis Caroll so she appears as a part of Alice in Wonderland and she owns with brokenly high level magic.

Anyway Saber and Assassin fight and Assassin uses Tsubame Gaeshi but it fails because his sword broke during the battle. Saber thanks him for their battle.

Then we go to Shiro vs. Gilgamesh while Rin’s saving Shinji’s unworthy butt.

This isn’t even a battle. Gil’s just playing around.

And the episode ends with Shiro under a lot of rubble because Gil used Ea to blast a Grail arm away from him.

It’s going to be epic next week. I can’t wait!

Here I come, King of Heroes, do you have enough weapons in stock?

Sheer awesome.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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