Wow it’s been a long time since we had some Fate/Grand Order news. Around the time that the seventh Servant was revealed.

Doesn’t matter now! We’ve got news and a new visual.


Very nice.

Now we also have a new bit of new stuff here.

We have a character count for the entire game and it fits Nasu’s style. It’s more than 100 million Japanese characters. You have to admit you could expect it. Each route of Fate/Stay Night takes a minimum of 20 hours to finish. Fate/Extra or Fate/Extra CCC same.

The main story will consist of 7 chapters, each an era of human history. Those eras are as followed as determined by me:

1. First Grail War: The Hundred Years War-The Holy Maiden Savior
2. Second Grail War: The Eternal (Roman) Empire-The Emperor of Roses
3. Third Grail War:The Four Sealed Seas of the End-The Navigator of the Storm
4. Fourth Grail War:The Knight of Londium
5. Fifth Grail War:Pluribas Unam-The White Cloth of (Unknown)
6. Sixth Grail War:The Shining Agatorium
7. Seven Grail War: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts-The Chains of Heaven

Based on my understanding of the descriptions as well as the years used we’ll be in:

1. Hundred Years War France
2. Roman Empire
3. 16th Century England
4. 19th Century England
5. 13 Colonies
6. Unknown
7. Uruk

So we’ll be meeting Servants like Jeanne d’Arc, Nero, Francis Drake, Jack the Ripper, Gilgamesh, and Enkidu. Sounds good!

But that isn’t it. In addition to the 7 chapter main story, there will be side stories that deal with the relationships between the Servants and their Masters as well as interactions between the Servants in your party.

So yes it is confirmed that if you put Servants that know each other in the same party they will talk like they know each other. I can see the funny between Cu and Scathach or maybe if you can put Mordred and Arturia that would be awesome.

It’s really a good idea to make sure to try a lot of Servant combinations.

The game will have a standard HP/MP bars with a Noble Phantasm percent gauge. You can level Noble Phantasm up.

Servants can be gained through so called Divine Stones. I’m guessing that they’ll be scattered through the game and each one will let you use a different hero.

And that’s it…other than the fact that the first big fight we’ll have in the Hundred Years War is fighting against an evil dragon. Wow first fight is against a dragon. Looks like we’ll need a dragon slayer like someone Lancelot with Arondight or Siegfried.

Take up your swords young master to save the world!


So until the next bit of news,
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