Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with the first of many Deven Talks. These posts will just be a little thing every two or three months. Well it’s more of pretty much whenever I feel like it…which will pretty much be every two months.

But to business why Deven Talks? Mainly I just want to write about some stuff. I do have some opinions that aren’t anime or related to anime. I also have opinions about stuff in the anime community.

However the anime stuff is for the next one. This one’s all about E3…nearly a month after E3’s done. I know I’m late darn it!!! I’m still talking about it!

Is E3 a competition?

Before we go into what I really liked in E3, let’s talk about something I want to address. Is E3 a competition? I’ve heard this thrown around and heard stuff ranging from it is to it isn’t. Now I want to give my opinion.

It is a competition but not in the way you think. The game companies and the software developers aren’t competing against each other, trying to top each other.

What they’re competing for is your money, your hard earned and well earned money. Be realistic. The people that have the best show or make the games that interest you the most are more likely to get your money.

So it’s a competition but for you not against each other.

Microsoft vs. Sony

Let’s look at the consoles first. I have to say for the consoles based on the information I’ve read and seen. It seems that Microsoft got the win there.

Two words: Backwards compatibility

Features-wise I think it’s safe to say that they won on that one.

Sony couldn’t beat that. They have something similar in Playstation Now but you have to pay a subscription fee to get those games and they still don’t have all of the Playstation 3 games on it yet.

I’m not a big Xbox fan but there is one game that I want to check out on there. Granted it’s just Xbox One first then it will go to other consoles probably.

Beyond Eyes


I like the water color effect and the premise. I’ve never seen something like this in gaming. I think once it goes to something I can get then I’ll pick it up and check it out.

The rest of the games during the conference didn’t really interest me.

Now in terms of games, Sony had one that interested me during their stream.


Conferences I liked

I happened to be working while most of the conferences were happening so I’ll only be talking about the Square Enix Conference.

All I’ve got to say was I will be supporting Square Enix with every ounce of my wallet.


I can’t breathe!! My heart is falling in love! Kingdom Hearts 3! I need to get some cash and start saving for it!


I have two questions. Can I get Lightning? Can I get Yuna? If you can well…you’ve got my paycheck.


I haven’t checked out the other games in this series but this one has gotten me interested enough to check them out.


Darn!! I’m losing space on my tablet as it is! I already want to play the JPN version of LLSIF and now I have to get this. Tablet’s getting sad. Too little space left.


Once again a game who’s first one I didn’t play or check out. However I like the colors and the protagonist we see is quite cute. Also the music is an excellent piano song. Excellently done. I have done a little research on the first NieR and I like it. Definitely something I want.

So in conclusion for the Square Enix all I have to say is this…


Which Console will I Get and why

I’ve done my research and looked over the data and based on what I’ve been seeing this is my console decision.


Yeah this is the Hyperspace Neptunia reference. Just so you know Noire is the embodiment of the Sony and the Playstation family particularly the Playstation 3.

Yeah I’m going to get to a Playstation 4.


Now I know that Microsoft introduced backwards compatibility but that has no value to me since I never had a Xbox 360.

The Playstation Now which lets you stream old Playstation 1, 2, and 3 games which is awesome since they have a few Final Fantasy games like Final Fantasy 13.

They also allow for you to stream television shows through the Playstation 4 so I’m going to get one of those too.

Also most of my friends do Playstation anyway so it would be a good time for me to play with my friends.

So that’s all I’ve got for you for this Deven Says. The next one will be September and it will be about Lolis and their treatment in the anime world and the anime community.

So until the next Deven Says,
Later Days

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