So I was nominated for the Infinity Dreams Award by my good friend from the Reviewer’s Corner, Joe.


I’ve looked around for the rules with several posts and people’s stuff and still haven’t found any of the rules. I do know that it’s a list of the things that you dream to happen. Either than or your ambitions.

So I’ll be doing a combination of my dreams and ambitions, all five of them.

I generally believe that the dreams and wishes of people, especially of children, are beautiful things that should always be loved and nurtured.

1. I want to finish my three novels.

If you don’t know I love to write. However I don’t just write on my blog and AnimeCorps. I like to write my own stuff. I have my three novels, Thief King Chronicles, Soul Saver Series, and Yokai Diplomacy.


I mostly took this summer light on the anime so I can have the chance to finish a bit more on Soul Saver Series. When I have the time I’ll do some more writing.

I’m currently around chapter 4 and I’ve planned to do Five 6 Chapter arcs.

2. I want to build my own computer

If you didn’t already know I recently got my laptop fixed. I got the hard drive cleaned and a new DC Jack put in. And it made it run like a brand new computer.

That got me into thinking. Hmmm maybe I could build myself a computer. Then I remembered Final Fantasy 13 was ported to Steam by Square Enix. Then I checked out the game on Steam and also saw that a good chuck of the more recent Naruto games are on Steam. So I can play Final Fantasy 13(all of them) and Naruto! Sign me up!


So since I have no idea how to build a computer, I went to the only logical place to find what I want, Reddit. The PCMasterRace with their divine arias gave me a good build to build what is called a Console Killer which does exactly what the name implies. It kills consoles and renders them useless to you for the gaming generation.

I should be able to make it once I start working.

3. I want to get a girlfriend

I admit that I suck with girls. I can’t seem to get the words that I want to say out. However once I’ve finally got them out, I seem to do better. I have a lot of female friends that I’m quite comfortable talking with.


I need to learn to be more comfortable with girls or I’ll never be with anyone.

4. I want to start collecting anime and manga things

This one is a bit more easy to do since I am going to start working and that will give me some money to be able to buy the stuff that I want. The first thing on my list will definitely be this.


How could I be a Nozomi fan and not get this? I’d be ashamed of myself.

5. I want to get be able to live comfortably

The thing about this is comfortable for me is to be able to pay the bills, live in my own apartment(I know I don’t take up a lot of room so buying a house would be pointless), and be able to collect without waiting months to buy one thing and buy video games.


I don’t need to be rich. I never got into writing to become a best seller or have hundreds of fans. I got into it because I wanted people to read what I wrote. I wanted them to be happy because of something that I wrote. If I can bring one person a smile because of something I wrote in my stories or on my blogs, I’d do it for free.

And that’s it for me. Generally I don’t ask for much in my life but these are the things I dream of being able to happen.

So I’m going to nominate the following:

CuriousCloudy from LittleCloudCuriousity

Kai from Deluscar 

Lita from Lita Kino Anime Reviews

So that’s all for me with this.

I’ve notified the people I’ve nominated by Twitter.

So until the next post,
Later Days

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