Emiya Shiro. Last season he fought his future self in a battle of ideals and won. He beat the King of Heroes in a one on one battle. Then he started dating the hottest girl in his school and started training to be a qualified mage.

Now this season…he’s everyone’s butt monkey.
Another thing I want to say is that I will be dancing around the very fanservicey scenes. Normally I’d have no problem with showing fanservicey scenes but this is just …just I’m not going to do it!

If I get permission from Nick, I’ll think about it. If he says it’s good then the pictures will be on both blogs. It’s a pain to go back, search, and take the pictures since I pretty much post the same review on both blogs.

So with that let’s start the review!

So we start off with a look around Illya’s school and we see this person.


Ah if it isn’t Kotomine’s insanely hot daughter. Just so you know this is Karen Ortensia. She’s part of the Fate series of course. The game she hails from is Fate/Hollow Ataraxia.

And…that’s it. She doesn’t really do anything during this first episode but trust me she’ll be important by the end of the season.

We move on to the girls leaving class and we see that Tatsuko, one of Illya’s friends, is happy to say the least…


She’s clearly the crazy friend…

And everyone tells her to calm down as we do a flashback to when Taiga, who is finally teaching students on her level as a grammar school teacher instead of a high school teacher, releases them for Summer Break.

She goes into this massive very Taiga like speech and then she basically ‘Now get out there and do something fun!’

And with that we go to the opening which is Wonder Stella by fhana.

And it is literally beautiful. Combine it with graphics, I’m just tearing up right now…

And just so you know as far as I know it’s a first but the opening is already out and available for purchase.

I’m legally bound to say purchase even though I know you’re probably going to download it from Hikari no Ost or Nyaa. Don’t fault me for at least saying buy it.

So after the awesome opening we have all the girls finally heading to the beach!


Do you remember them all going to the beach and that cool dramatic jump…yeah check this out.


That reminds me of episode 4 from season 2 of Love Live where it looked like they didn’t make the prelims but it was actually Honoka telling them about her dream.

So it turns out they’re at the department store and they’re picking out their swimsuits for beach trip. And Miyu basically says don’t work about the money since Luvia’s covering everyone.


The brightness…that card…it’s truly on the level of a Noble Phantasm…no maybe even a Divine Mystery! The Mystery of cold hard cash!

And predictably Tatsuko, Nanaki, and Suzuka all start bowing before Miyu since she’s got cash. Girls get up. It’s just Miyu! Cuddle up to Luvia and then you’ll get all the good stuff!


Tatsuko can’t even bow right…

And then Miyu says this.




That look on Kotori’s face is the look I had when she said that.

I wish I could find the gif I saw on Twitter but this one will do.

Anyway we see Kuro standing around and she’s breathing hard…not that way you perverts. Is it mana issues? They did have a tough battle against Bazett just a few days ago.

So then we switch over to Illya’s who’s running out of the dressing room…turns out that Suzuka and Nanaki want her to try on this bathing suit…


I think I’m going to feel sick…

And then we see Tatsuko walk out of the dressing room in a mini bikini…what is wrong with these animators?!!

So Nanaki, Suzuka, and Illya jump Tatsuko trying to stop her and they get so loud that one of the salespeople tells them to be quiet.

And they say that they should know better and start acting all fake ladylike. They even do the whole Ohoho laugh like all rich girls do.

And after that we go to the real ‘Ohoho’ girl, Luvia…and Rin. Sorry Rin. UBW is over and now it’s time to get on the Luvia train. Don’t worry still love you just not as much as Luvia.


This is how best girl moves.

So they’re discussing how to get to the eighth card which seems to be at the bottom of the ocean. How are you going to get to that?


How long is it going to take to do that?


He’s simply one of hell of a butler. Like the reference. I did.

Luvia’s just got swag.

“Oh I need to dig to the bottom of the ocean. Auguste?”
“It will be done in 12 hours.”

It’s like it’s only going to slow her down.

So we move back to the girls where it’s shown that Kuro’s feeling a little faint. I know where this is going…

So Kuro tells Illya’s that she’s running low on Mana and she needs to be topped off.

So wondering about Kuro and Illya, Mimi follows them.

So we move over to Kuro and Illya…

Stop! I am only going to describe it! And very vaguely describe it at that! Few pictures as well!

So Kuro’s acting all meek and timid? Strange you were the one that tongue assaulted everyone female last season what’s different now?


And Illya’s getting embarrassed and the mood grows more yuri…until we see that Mimi is clearly watching.


Oh Mimi you clearly like to watch the loli yuri incest.

And Illya asks why does it have to be a kiss? Can it be something else?

…Well it can be. Anyone that’s read the original VN knows that. Shiro topped off a lot of tanks. He topped Saber(2x), Rin(2x), Sakura(2x), and Rider(1x). And that’s not counting the times in Fate/Hollow Ataxaria where he did it with Karen. Boy if Kotomine was alive when that happened…Shiro would be deader than dead.


And Kuro explains the other way….

And Illya acts predictably

So Illya then gets an idea. It doesn’t have to be her right? She can just suck mana from anyone right? Kuro shoots that one down with the mana from Illya is of a higher quality.

Which makes sense. Know this. Kuro is Illya and Illya is Kuro. Kuro is the sealed memories that Illya had when she was born. Iriviel sealed those memories away to give Illya a normal life. However those memories gained their own self in the form of Kuro, who is given form by the Archer Class Card based around the Heroic Spirit Emiya.

So since Kuro and Illya are essentially the same person, the World sees Kuro as a contradiction and seeks to erase her to restore order. However Kuro can fight against this similar to a Servant by having mana which allows her to fight against the influence of Gaia.

As to why the mana from Illya works so well. Remember they are the same person. If a man goes forward in time and steals something from his future self, it’s not stealing because it does indeed belong to him. It’s the same idea with Kuro. Because Illya’s mana is technically hers, it replenishes her far better than anyone else.

And that’s my theory!

How did I get on that…well it’s a good little background for those that don’t know.

So when Kuro says that she’ll start going to all their friend and suck their mana starting with Miyu, Illya gives up.

And then they start…well kissing. I’ve seen and read the manga. It was not as graphic then again it didn’t have Kuro’s yuri theme song though.

So I’ll show you is this.


And remember that Mimi’s sitting there watching.

And then Illya asks for Kuro stop and when she does, Kuro says ‘Okay, I’ll just kiss up Miyu.’

Yeah Kuro for one of the most perverted characters this season.

So while Mimi is watching, Miyu pops up and asks if she’s peeping?

And then the whole Q&A starts. And Miyu’s answers sound very strange. Like if you didn’t already know the situation it’d sound like Illya and Miyu are in a lesbian relationship but Miyu lets Kuro have Illya on the side.

Wow that’s something I didn’t expect to write ever.

So as Mimi leave she says this.


Said novel comes up in 3rei where Mimi’s a hopeless fujoshi.

And that conversation ends with Miyu asking who Mimi is…man she doesn’t even know who she is…

So we move over to Illya, Miyu, and Kuro getting off the bus and Ruby and Sapphire finally come out.

I have to say tha I’m surprised that Sapphire sounds the same. Her seiyuu, Miyu Matsuki, has been in and out of the hospital for a fair amount of time and has recently taken a hiatus to rest herself. I thought that it meant that she was going to be replaced but it looks like she managed to finish her lines in time.


It’s a bit of funny trivia for Type-Moon fans and those that watched Carnival Phantasm. The seiyuu for Magical Ruby and Magical Sapphire are the same as Kohaku and Hisui from Tsukihime. Even their personalities are the same.

So as they walk home they talk about swimsuits and Miyu asks if it’s really okay for her to stay over their house for the night. Illya and Kuro are good with it and their mom even said yeah so it’s all good.

Besides she can’t stay at home since the place was totally wrecked by Bazett last season. My god that girl is like a monster.

So they head in where we meet up with Sella, Liz, Shiro, Irisviel. Wow three dead homunculi. It’s good to see Sella and Liz again. Just seeing them utterly killed by Gil last season really hurt since you see them so much here in Fate/Kaleid.

vlcsnap-2015-07-26-01h36m28s929 vlcsnap-2015-07-26-01h40m12s556

So it turns out that the story going around is that their boiler exploded and that’s why Miyu’s hanging out with Illya and Kuro. That’s a half decent excuse.

So Shiro being all nice and what not tries to console her and does work but Miyu gets all blushed.

Seeing that Illya says the following.


And so begins the start of the fall of Emiya Shiro…poor UBW Shiro must be turning over in his bed with his hot girlfriend Rin. He has to have the same name as this guy.

So they move to dinner made by Shiro and Sella and they bicker a bit before sitting down.


I totally ship Shiro x Sella in Fate/Kaleid. It’s better than the loli alternatives…


It’s more of that Nico x Maki type of relationship where they argue a lot.

So the conversation goes to the birthday party tomorrow where Shiro and his friend Issei will be taking the girls and their friends to the beach. Call me crazy but even if these are Shiro’s sisters two guys going to the beach with around 7 little girls seems a bit too weird for me. Maybe ask Sella or Liz to go too?

And once again Irisviel can’t resist taking a jab at Shiro.


Yep he would have had a harem of elementary school girls…creepy.

And then the shots keep coming to the point where Shiro looks like a lolicon. Gilgamesh and Archer must be kicking themselves if they look at this.

So while the ‘Pick on Shiro’ event of dinner wraps up, Miyu stays strangely silent. She says eating with them has a nice nostalgia flavor to it. Hmm…I wonder. By that I mean you all wonder. I read Drei and I know what’s she’s referencing.

So Irivsiel asks if Miyu’s got some pajamas since everything should have been destroyed in the explosion and Miyu says that Luvia packed her bags and got her some new clothes. Probably with the magecraft of cold hard cash. Got to love the Luvia.

And Kuro teases and says that she hopes they’re see through.

And Shiro has a standard lolicon reaction….


Shiro you are just losing all the awesome points you had last season.

And then we switch to the girls getting out of the bath. And as they start to change into their pajamas we see what pajamas are.


…Luvia’s either a lolicon too or she messed up and gave Miyu her pajamas…

So we go downstairs and see Sella and Shiro cleaning up while Irisviel and Liz watch some TV and we see Kuro pass by…and well she’s wearing the gown…

Of course I’m not going to show you. You can probably find it on Tumblr or somewhere.

And as Shiro and Sella are shocked, Illya comes down and pulls Kuro back upstairs while Miyu apologizes. Shiro just sits there shocked. And then Irivsiel and Liz take another jab at him.

vlcsnap-2015-07-26-02h00m49s102 vlcsnap-2015-07-26-02h00m51s153

After I finish this I’m going to watch Shiro vs. Archer again. I need to regain the image I had of him before.

So after that we see the girls go to bed but apparently Irisviel wants to join in so all four of them sleep together.


And then Iri starts teasing Illya about if she likes any guys in her class. Kuro says she likes Shiro and she asks if Miyu does too. And we get this reaction.


Looks like we’ve got jackpot.

And pretty soon it’s down to a Shiro bag fest where Irisviel says to make sure that Shiro keeps his hands to himself she might have to castrate him…

I really think that Sayaka Oohara liked doing that line.

So seeing that it’s really loud in Illya’s room, Shiro walks in and gets called a pervert for going into a little girl’s room at night. And they all rag on him until he leaves. Ah being Shiro is suffering. The true butt monkey of Fate/Kaleid.

So we go to the next morning where all the girls and Shiro are leaving for the beach and the episode ends there.

It was a good episode and I liked the non fanservicey parts. It’s good to have Fate/Kaleid back after such a long time. I can’t wait for the next episode because we get some bikini Luvia and Rin. I feel fanservice with them is more right than fanservice with Illya, Miyu and Kuro.

So that’s all I’ve got for this review.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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Two Illyas. Two different lives. I get my pics from Zero-chan not Pixiv.

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