Wendy is too awesome! I can’t get over the epic power!

So we start with Wendy and Carla flying towards Face and speed up when they see that the clock for Face is getting down to the final moments.


We switch back to Natsu and team where they’re fighting against Franmalth who has finally revealed who’s soul he’s got.

It’s Master Hades of Grimoire Heart. For those of you that didn’t watch the first series, he’s a big deal and very powerful. It took Natsu, Erza, Wendy, Lucy, and Gray all fighting together to bring him down and even then they couldn’t kill him. Zeref did the killing though.


I think he messed up and used Dr. Eggman’s soul instead. Then Franmalth starts going on and on about how legendary and powerful Master Hades was and all while Natsu and Lucy are trying to tell them they already know.

So Natsu tries to end it all in one shot with Lightning Flame Dragon’s Roar but it doesn’t work.


In fact it only makes him stronger since Franmalth outright absorbs it and covers himself in flaming lightning. Yep now we’re screwed.

We move over to some of the other fights like Mirajane vs. Sayla, Gray vs. Keyes, and Erza vs. Kyouka.

They’re all good but no one seems to be able to get a good blow in.

And then we move over to Wendy and Carla who have finally made it to the cave where Face is supposed to be. However Carla’s absolutely exhausted flying so far so she just relaxing in Wendy’s arms.

However there’s someone already waiting for them.


I’ve heard of enough hentai know where this is going.

So after a few little cute scenes with Wendy getting creeped out by some bugs we head back to Natsu vs. Franmalth where he explains that it is impossible for the demons to be defeated and that Face will go off in less than 9 minutes.

As Franmalth talks Lucy thinks how horrible it would be during this impossible battle if their magic went away. They would go from being on the fence to be outright overrun.

She hopes that Wendy can manage to win the fight.

We head back to Wendy where she and Carla notice that there’s some fresh air up ahead. Before she can check it out, Ezel the Child Slicer pops out and starts up the fight.

Wendy backs up and starts to buff herself and puts on all the buffs fires off a Sky Dragon’s Roar.

Which Ezel just walks through. And even though with all her buffs Wendy still gets trashed through the wall and lands right in front of Face. And now there’s only 5 minutes left until it goes off!

And seeing that Wendy’s in trouble Carla jumps in to help her but Ezel catches her and tries to eat her.


And as that happens Wendy realizes something. The magical power mixed with the air can help her. So she sucks it in and goes into Dragon Force!


Now the real battle begins! It’s five minutes before Face goes off. Can Wendy beat Ezel in that time and still stop Face?

I can’t wait until the next episode.

So until then,
Later Days

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Wendy finally stepping out to awesomeness and still cute! I get my Zero-chan not Pixiv.

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