Hey everyone it’s Deven and I’m coming at you with something new.

So if you don’t know I got my computer fixed recently. Everything was cleaned out and the DC jack was replaced so now I can put it on the charger and use the laptop indefinitely.

So I thought this was the perfect time to bring back stuff that was sealed up in the past. First I want to bring back the good old Full Season Reviews. The second one is going to be a secret. I need some time to get it set up properly before I announce it. I want to have it a bit more of a head start before I announce  it.

But back to the Full Season Reviews. So I was thinking of how to do something different with them.

First, I wanted to scale back on them. I originally did a Full Season Review each month but I’ve realized with my school work load that’s coming up in the Fall, writing, my new job(I got the job in the school), and blog work.

So I decided to a Full Season Review every other month starting this August. So the schedule will be as following every year:


As to what I review, it will be something that you all the fans recommend to me. Even though I’m well known for watching and reviewing harem anime, I do watch a lot of stuff.

So here’s how it’s going to work.

I’m going to choose the first one for this August then I’ll pin up that month’s Full Season Review on the front page. You all can comment in it which anime you want me to watch and I’ll choose which one I like the most.

Now for the second part of this.

Season Anime Reviews!

See this summer due to my decreased amount of reviews, I’ve had a lot more time to watch more anime that I’m not reviewing and I’m having a blast. Anime watching never felt like a job per say but it certainly feels good to watch something and not have to look at it critically.

That being said, there are some anime that I want to look at critically and there’s some anime I guess there are some anime that I didn’t pick that you all want me to take a look at.

So that’s why at the beginning of the season, I’m going to announce what I’m watching and then put up a poll near the third week of the season with all the anime I’m watching. The two that get the most votes will get Full Season Reviews.

So let’s start it up now!


So the Poll will end on Sunday of the Twelfth Week of the Season and you can expect the review at the beginning of the next season.

I think that’s it. I’m hoping for Monster Musume and Sore ga Seiyuu to win!

I’m curious on how this is going to go down. I did a poll back in the beginning of my first blog and it went bad. There were only a few people that voted. Then again I’m probably not in the place I was back a little over two years ago. I’m a bit more set with people on my blog and on Twitter so I might get a few more votes.

So let’s see what goes with those Full Season Reviews!

So until the first Full Season Review,
Later Days

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