Roar little Sky Dragon! Face’s countdown is in the final minutes!

So we recap what happened in the last few moments of the last episode. Namely Wendy eating the Eternano from Face and going into Dragon Force.

So she starts off the battle with a bang and goes all out on Ezel and basically beats the crap of him with her insane speed.

Confirmed for Best Loli this week. She’d be Best Loli this season if not for what Illya’s going to do in Fate/Kaleid. Two Words, Zwei Form.

That’s all I need to say on that one.

So Carla calls out to her and says that there are only 4 minutes left and Wendy intends to finish him off with Shattering Light: Sky Drill, her Dragon Slayer’s Secret Art.


However Ezel is able to resist it and then goes into his full Etherious form called Slashing Mode and goes after her.


However Wendy’s able to keep him on his guard with her speed and manages to defeat him, blasting him into Face along with it.


Yay! Face is destroyed right? We should be happy. Wrong. Face is still counting down!

I guess getting rid of the actual physical part of the weapon does nothing. So we’re screwed!

We then flashback to all the other fights that are happening right now.

First Natsu vs. Franmalth where it made clear to them that Face is very close to going off.

And then we go to some of other battles that are still going and it’s made clear that if magic ended disappearing right now Tartarus would slaughter Fairy Tail right now.

We go back to Wendy and Carla where Carla uses her ability to see into the future to scan for possible futures where Face doesn’t go off. She finds one and manages to turn Face’s energy inward and turn it into a bomb.

However the blast will be massive. Carla asks Wendy to run away but Wendy will never leave her no matter what. And both of them decide to press the button together.


However Doranbolt comes in just in the nick of time and saves them. Yay Wendy’s alive!

And with the episode ends.

I have to say that I really liked the fight more than all the flashbacks. For someone that watched the entire original series, seeing the flashbacks is a fair bit boring. However they at least had reason to remind us how far Carla and Wendy have grown since we first met them.

So with Face destroyed now we move back to Natsu vs. Franmalth and it’s getting good.

So until next week,
Later Days

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Wendy getting ready for bed. She deserves a nap after all the butt she kicked. I get my Zero-chan not Pixiv.

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