There’s so much to see and be surprised about. Got to love Ruby though. She’s practically Koharu in Fate. Got to love the trolls…when they’re focused on someone else.

So we start off the episode with the girls running to the beach and stripping off their clothes to get into their swimsuits. Same thing as last episode right?

Wrong Tatsuko takes off all of her clothes and that makes Nanaki and Suzuko chase after her to put some clothes on.


So after the opening we have Shiro and Issei showing up and setting up.


So after some confusion, Issei introduces himself and Suzuko immediately goes to Yaoi.

ppxYraQ QqJFTw0

That’s a future fujoshi right there.

So we go into Suzuko’s mind where we see Shiro and Issei all bishonen and saying suggestive stuff and it ends with Suzuko looking pretty satisfied with herself.


Like I said future fujoshi…

So after Suzuko’s yaoi thoughts the girls go into the water and start playing around and it’s all fun and games, splashing around until Nanaki uses her secret technique. Tatsuko Strike!



And we go to the girls playing a bit of volleyball in the water and Miyu takes a bit too serious.

vlcsnap-2015-08-02-04h21m39s335 vlcsnap-2015-08-02-04h21m41s303 vlcsnap-2015-08-02-04h21m43s948

For a ten year old she’s freaking strong yet so adorable.

So after a bit of playing in the water, Illya, Kuro, and Miya take a walk and end up the tide pools.


I kinda wish you could go to the beach during Fate/Stay Night or Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. Then again it’s kinda impractical to go then since Fate/Stay Night happens during Early February while Hollow Ataxaria happens in October. No beaching during winter and fall.

So there Miyu explains it’s only her second time to the beach. I’m guessing that the first time was when she fought Kuro in the second season.

She explains that she used to live in Fuyuki back when she was little with her brothe and father. Her father died of an illness and she started living with people abroad.

Oh how I want to say what happened but those are all Drei spoilers.

While the girls are talking someone comes up selling popsicles.


And all the the girls get on their guard but there’s no reason to.


Oh how the mighty have fallen. Then again it’s through no fault of her own…technically.

Luvia is even more awesome now. Sure she could have just payed for her own house getting fixed but hey if you could screw over Bazett in the process why not?

So then Bazett intimidated three 10 year olds into buying very overpriced popsicles and leaves on her happy way.


Kinda wish that Bazett wore a bikini or something sexier.

So then Shiro comes up and says it’s time to move to the site. Suzuko and Nanaki get confused and say they’re tired so they were going to head home.

They completely forgot it was Illya, Kuro, and Miyu’s birthday…


So they move to the beach hut which turns out to be owned by Tatsuko’s family. They get into a whole thing about Tatsuko’s family before they sit down to the party.


So after the streamers Miyu asks what do people do at birthday parties and Illya just says you celebrate your birthday. However that answer doesn’t really satisfy Miyu so Shiro steps up to explain.

vlcsnap-2015-08-02-14h50m33s879 vlcsnap-2015-08-02-14h50m38s283 vlcsnap-2015-08-02-14h50m44s130

And it really strikes a cord with Miyu and makes her happy.

And then Shiro pulls out the girls presents and give them to them.


And it looks like to be some type of bracelet.


And Illya and Kuro say thanks while Miyu goes into a very deep and moving speech and it’s so freaking adorable, I nearly passed out on the spot.


So cute.

And the moving moment had to be interrupted by Nanaki and Suzuko giving their presents…


This better be a gag gift because that is too lolicon-ish.

And we heard a big boom and the girls go out to check it and it’s Rin and Luvia. Finally some mature girls that it’s safe to think are cute!


And with Bazett things get tense but then Luvia and Rin realize that Bazett doesn’t want a fight in public. Then Luvia goes on a side thought.


Yeah…that’s the face of someone that wants Shiro’s sword…

So Issei being clever asks what they’re doing there and guesses its about the massive construction project they’re standing right in front of. They try and deny it but then Issei says this.


Rin…Luvia…stick to magecraft because you couldn’t last a day as a criminal.


More like he can read…

Then Miyu explains to Illya and Kuro that it’s about the eighth card.

Now the other girls come over and Illya and the others try to get rid of them but Nanaki notices Rin and Luvia which has results to it.

Turns out that during one of their fights, one of them threw a bag of frogs at Nanaki’s older sister and that gave her a big fear of frogs.


Also apparently Nanaki’s older sister has a crush on Shiro. Who doesn’t really?

It’s Saber, Rin, Sakura, Luvia, Caren, Nanami, Illya, and Kuro.

And then the conversation shifts over to who’s going to marry Shiro and everyone’s stacking their claim by saying how close they are to Illya.

And when everyone’s making their claim, Illya runs away and then Ruby comes up and says that she can finally give Shiro her patented Love Potion!


I can just see all the hilarious misunderstanding right now.

And they start the second Ruby puts that needle in Shiro’s head. Then he starts confessing stuff.

Everyone knows that Luvia’s boobs are their own continent and Rin wears skirts so short you can see up her alley. Anything else? Also why you got to be a lolicon, Shiro? UBW Shiro would be ashamed. He worked so hard last season to look like a badass and now you’re killing it.

So to cause even more chaos Ruby hits everyone else with a sedative and then everyone goes all Zen.

vlcsnap-2015-08-02-17h43m57s305 vlcsnap-2015-08-02-17h44m02s409

And then Ruby puts the love potion in Shiro and he goes for Illya and things get pretty heavy before Mimi ends up interrupting them.


And then Ruby flys a way, happy that she’s caused some havoc. However now Sapphire comes around and sets things right and gives Ruby her punishment.

Then again how can we not expect stuff like this from Ruby? She was made by Zelretch, first tier troll.


She’s exactly as Zelretch made her….

And after that everyone’s heading home from the beach and can’t remember some of the stuff that happened. Bazett even gets called out for not selling all her popsicles. haha

And as the episode ends with Miyu saying that she had fun today.


Wasn’t that a good episode? I liked it personally.

Now things should be getting serious but I think they might sneak in one more filler episode before we get down to the eighth card business.

So that’s all I’ve got.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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