Hey everyone it’s Deven and I’m coming at you with something new.

Now Fate/Grand Order has been out for a few days(and been in maintenance for a lot of them) and people from all over have been looking at it and doing the data mining thing.

And they’ve found the entire cast list for all the Servants.

Now this is good because a lot of Apocrypha Servants are in the game so we finally have their Seiyuu for future things like Anime.

Now let’s slow down a bit. As we should have seen in Sore ga Seiyuu when something is recorded and a character doesn’t have a voice yet, they’ll tell one of the seiyuu that’s still around in the booth to record for them.

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See proof that Sore ga Seiyuu and Shirobako are good anime to understand what’s happening in the industry.

So you can understand that a lot of seiyuu on this list are also voicing other Servants in the game. However the Japanese like a certain amount of consistancy with their anime.

For example Masako Nozawa, seiyuu for all the male members of Goku’s family, has been voicing them since the anime came out all those years ago and in all Japanese promos no matter where they are.

Basically in Japanese voice acting you’re voicing a character until you die or you tick someone off like Aya Hirano. Aya Hirano was the voice for Nanael in Queen’s Blade however she was talking bad about the series so they fired her from voicing her. Even then she’s still the only voice for Nanael since Nanael hasn’t appeared since.

So enough on seiyuus and all that stuff let’s get down to business.

So let’s start with the Black Team.

Their Saber is Siegfried(Legendary Prince from the Netherlands) and he is voiced by Junichi Suwabe who voices Archer in Fate/Stay Night.

Their Archer is Chiron(Teacher of Greek Heroes) and he’s voiced by Shinichiro Miki who voices Assassin in Fate/Stay Night.

Their Lancer is Vlad III(Prince of Wallachia) and he’s voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu who voiced Berserker in Fate/Zero.

Their Rider is Astolfo(Paladin of Charlemagne) and he’s voiced by Rumi Okubo who voiced Lancer in Fate/Extra CCC.

Their Caster is Avicebron(Spanish philosopher) and he’s voiced by Koji Yusa who voiced Lancer in Fate/Extra CCC.

Their Berserker is Frankstein’s Monster(From Mary Shelly’s novel) and she’s voiced by Ai Nonaka who voiced Caster in Fate/Extra.

Their Assassin is Jack the Ripper(the Legendary English Serial Killer) and she’s voiced by Sakura Tange who voiced Saber in Fate/Extra.

My Thoughts

Now isn’t that a good cast! Suwabe voicing Siegfried and Shinichiro voicing Chiron. It’s good fit and Ryotaro doing Vlad III will be good too. The girls are good too with Rumi Okubo and Sakura Tange. Granted what made Sakura Tange good in Fate is Red Saber and her cuteness not being a bloodthirsty loli.

Now let’s move on to the Red Team.

Their Saber is Mordred(Child of Arturia) and she’s voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro. This is the first time she’s been in Fate.

Their Archer is Atalanta(Legendary Huntress) and she’s voiced by Saori Hayami. She currently voices Rider in Fate/Grand Order.

Their Lancer is Karna(Hero of the Mahabharata) and he’s voiced by Koji Yusa. He returns as Lancer from Fate/Extra CCC.

Their Rider is Achilles(Hero of the Illiad) and he’s voiced by Kosuke Toriumi who voiced Robin Hood in Fate/Extra.

Their Caster is William Shakespeare(Famous Playwright) and he’s voiced by Tetsu Inada who voiced True Assassin in Fate/Stay Night.

Their Berserker is Spartacus(Roman gladiator) and he’s voiced by Satoshi Tsuruoka who voiced Caster in Fate/Zero.

Their Assassin is Semiramis(Queen of the Assyrian Empire) and she’s voiced by Mamiko Noto who currently voices Lancer and Saber in Fate/Grand Order.

My Thoughts

Nooo! Why! I wanted Kikuko Inoue as Semiramis! However I’m good with this cast too. Miyuki Sawashiro and Fate should go together as good as peanut butter and jelly. I’m definitely loving Saori Hayami has Archer of the Red too.

So if Apocrypha ever goes Anime this is the cast we should expect. I’m thinking we’ve got ourselves something good.

So until the next time,
Later Days

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