Well I like to take the opportunity to say that I’m sorry that this post has taken so much time to come out.

The bad part of it was that the blog that was using for a general guide has turned into a Facebook page. Yeah…I’m not a Facebook fan…

Anyway I’m going to do this review based on what I remember and the basic outline I did before.

So we ended the last review with Shido and Kotori’s nice dance moves during the 5th date.

So now we move on to my favorite Spirit…not just because she’s voiced by Minori Chihara.

So it’s Miku up on stage.

So when Miku comes up to Shido she takes a pose, bounces her boobs, and calls out to Shido.

Normally Shido’s be caught in the trap or at least blushing like he’s crazy but he’s still got his playboy stuff in him right now so he’s able to keep it cool and give her a compliment.

Then being Miku she asks Shido if he could pretty please use some of Natsumi’s power to change into a girl and wear a cute party dress like her.

Being considerably smooth, Shido basically says he would but he doesn’t want to ruin their date by her passing out from a yuri nosebleed.

Just look at the levels of awesome Shido has in this volume, I almost don’t want it to end.

So after a quick little conversation with Kotori over the earpiece, Miku resolves to make Shido’s level reach max in one shot.

So what does she do? She starts singing.

And with Miku’s voice, her sitting on his lap, the scenery and the musicians that randomly seem to come out of nowhere when she asks for them, it isn’t long until Shido’s levels are at their max.

And all the other Spirits take notice. I had to laugh at Natsumi’s comment though.

“…Come to think of it, Miku is a singer isn’t she? I always thought of her as a monster who kidnap a girl who stay up late at night.”

Based on how often Miku makes passes at the other girls, this is a very logical assumption.

So the next one up is Origami, our newest Spirit. And you’ve got to love her.

Also there’s some respect between Origami and Miku because as Miku left and Origami went out, they slapped hands as if they were passing off a baton. At least there’s no rivalry between them.

I have to say that Origami’s date has to be the funniest one of them all.

First she think that Shido looks good in his tuxedo so she tries to take a secret picture with a digital camera she’s got strapped to her leg. However something stops her.

Ironically it’s herself. Then she has a little fantasy in her head with her Inverse Form being the devil and her Spirit form being the Angel. Then the two forms start arguing.

The devil is arguing to be more modest while the angel is trying to be the pervert. Basically it’s Old Origami vs. New Origami and it’s good comedy. I would actually like to see this part animated.

So once she goes over to Shido, they order some non-alcoholic wine and Origami tries to spike Shido’s drink they can kiss for real but once again her two sides stop her. Unfortunately she accidentally ends up spiking her own drink and she gets stone flat drunk.

16 - 28DJqps

And then it gets even funnier from here on out. You know that friend that can’t drink around people that he/she doesn’t know. They’ll start confessing stuff that really shouldn’t be said outloud.

“More or less… it’s Itsuka-kun’s fault… why do you looked so cool? Even if it was someone else… she would still want to take your photo…”

That’s the funny one but the rest of them are actually sweet.

She starts saying how she feels light but kinda painful. She says she loves him a lot.

Now if you don’t know, in the original world Origami didn’t really love Shido. After all that happened with her parents and her hatred for Spirits she was looking for something to cling to and it happened to be Shido.

It’s good to see that in this world her feelings are real.

And with those truths, Origami gets Shido’s affection to max. Go girl!

So we take a quick break from the Spirit dates and we head to the ship that Kurumi attack earlier, trying to get at the Second Spirit. Things have been going well so far but then two massive Spirit Waves rock the plan. One’s the Second Spirit but what’s the second one? And more importantly why is it resonating with the Second Spirit?

So back to our Spirit dates. So with 7 Spirits down, it’s time for Tohka’s turn!

However while she talks to Kotori and watches Origami’s date with Shido, she admits there is a bit of pain in her heart when she sees Origami say that she loves Shido. Kotori tells her that that is a important feeling but not to focus on it right now since their focus is saving Shido right now.

Tohka takes it out of her mind for the moment and starts her date with Shido.

So she starts to go over to Shido but not before stopping at the buffet table in the hall to get some food then heads over to Shido. And they start eating together and they starts feeding each other. Aw that’s a good date.

However things get bad fast when Shido starts emitting some strange light. Things are getting bad.

And with that we switch over to Mana vs. Ellen. Things are getting heavy. Mana knows that she can’t beat Ellen but all she needs is time. You don’t need a lot of power to stall.

However while she’s fighting the hall’s ceiling explodes and there’s Shido floating in the air, surrounded by Spirit power.

17 - WqWy5oK

Ellen tries to get Mana off guard but Shido blocks it with a wave of his Spirit power and starts asking about a girl named Mio. What? Is this one of Shido’s hidden memories?

So of course Mana has no idea what’s up and Shido keeps losing control.

We switch back to the Spirits in the hall. They’re all okay after the blast. However Kotori hears a certain alarm in her earpiece.

She runs down to the basement to activate the weapon that will kill Shido made by Ratatoskr, Dainslaif. However before she can fire it, Origami appears behind her and pulls out a gun to stop her.

Kotori explains the situation to Origami as fast as she can and says that many people will be saved if Shido’s killed even though she doesn’t want to do.

Origami counters that with that Ratatoskr is just throwing Shido away just like trash the second that he stops being useful to them.

And then Kotori reveals Ratatoskr’s true motive to get the Sephira Crystals, just like DEM. What’s the difference between them and DEM?!

Probably at least Woodman, the leader of Ratatoskr, has met Shido and at least has some respect for him and the stuff he’s done. Shido isn’t just a way to power to him and Kotori.

And at the end, Origami manages to convince Kotori not to press the button.

However one of the major guys at Ratatoskr has himself another terminal to use the Dainslaif and fires it right at Shido.

Now with Dainslaif coming down, it looks like Shido’s going to die but Phantom comes out of nowhere and saves Shido. SHe also weakens Shido to the point where the girls can manage to face him in their Partial Astral Dresses and manage to lay a kiss on him.

Meanwhile this is happening Mana and Ellen finish up their fight and Ellen leaves.

The battle’s over and Shido passes out in Tohka’s arms(she was the last one to do the kiss).

18 - W6vUkPF

We move to the epilogue where Kurumi’s finally caught up with the plane that held the Second Spirit only to realize herself that she is gone. Now things are getting interesting.

Things wrap up with the Spirits and Shido as well leaving things back to normal.

My Thoughts

Once again I say sorry for this review being so delayed. It’s just so easy to put something off it soon was something I kept doing without even thinkin about it. I apologize for that.

So to my thoughts. If I had to compare this volume to another, it would be to Volume 5 Tempest Yamai.

The events of the main story(Sealing the Yamai Sisters/Sealing Shido’s power) while important aren’t the major thing that we should be focusing on.

What we should be focusing on in this volume is Kurumi and her battle against DEM to get to the Second Spirit. Just like in Tempest Yamai we should have been focusing on Ellen’s side mission: To determine if Tohka Yatogami is the Spirit Princess. And mission was a success seeing as the next two volumes deals with the effects of letting that information out.

So let’s guess what’s going to happen with the Second Spirit. I’m expecting that Kurumi will return properly next volume seeing as the main reason that Second Spirit broke out is because she reacted to Shido’s powers going wild.

We can also expect the Second Spirit to make an appearance sometime soon. I would guess that she’s somewhat nice since she’s been captured by DEM and hasn’t broken out by now she must be nice or have some low self-esteem.

It was said outright by most of the characters in Volume 9 when Natsumi hurt in a battle against Ellen if a Spirit wants to leave and they’re at full power, nothing is going to stop them save another Spirit. And that was said about Natsumi who is one of the weaker Spirits. So why didn’t the Second Spirit leave since it’s made clear that nothing can stop a fully powered Spirit.

I think things in Date A Live are about to change. DEM is definitely going to get more aggressive after losing the Second Spirit. And add to the fact that things at Ratatoskr aren’t as good as they used to be, the Spirits don’t have many places to go. Then again they’ll stick with Ratatoskr at least the guy in charge there does care a bit.

So that’s all I’ve got on my thoughts and this review.

Things will definitely be interesting in volume 13. I can’t wait for it. Also remember that the Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement will be coming out on August 22nd.

So until the next review,
Later Days

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