Hey everyone it’s Deven and I’m coming at you with a Fate/Grand Order post.

Now I have a few friends that like Fate but they can’t play Fate/Grand Order because either they don’t have an Android device/Apple device or their device doesn’t work with the game. You have to be at least iOS 8.0 or above to use Fate/Grand Order.

So being the nice guy I am and I want help out my friends and fans I’m writing this post. Also to make sure that this post isn’t boring, I’m going to pepper it with some best Fate girl pics. You all know it is.

But let’s start with the guide to play the game.

1. Download either Bluestacks or Droid4x. They are both Android emulators so you can play or use Android apps on your computer.

2. Run the installation. Sometimes it can take some time. Bluestacks can take about twenty or thirty minutes to do it.

3. After the installation is complete, download this app called QooApp. It’s an work around app basically. It allows for you download region locked games without being in the region or using a VPN to trick the Google Play Store..


4. Connect your QooApp to your Google Account if you have one. This is the best option because it allows you to use your Google account and Google Wallet to buy Quartz which allows for you summon Servants.

5. Search for Fate/Grand Order and download it.

6. Wait for it download and you’re good! Roll an Arturia if you’re lucky!

Fate.stay.night.600.1909163 (1)

Ten minutes later

You failed did you? Failed to get your waifu of Arturia or which ever you wanted? I bet you did.

Why? The game’s gatcha is evil and slanted against us!

Let me use Love Live School Idol Festival as an example.

LLSIF has two types of scouting, Friend Point Scouts(which only give Normal cards with occasional Rare) and Honor Student Scout(which gives any card between Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare)

The odds for getting a card in the Honor Student Scouting are 90% for Rare, 9% for a Super Rare, and 1% for a Ultra Rare.

Fate Grand Order has two types of summonings, Friend Point Summonings and Quartz summonings. Basically the same right? Just wait.

The odds for getting a card in the Quartz summoning are 80% for a 3 Star, 15% for 4 Star, and 5% for a 5 Star.


Seems like a good ratio right? However something throws it off.

The Craft Essenses. They are like a little buff to your HP or Attack and add a useful little effect to your Servant. However there are so many Craft Essense in the game right now they get in the way of trying to summon a Servant.

So what do you do? Reroll!

1.So the first thing to do is download this app called Root Browser on your Bluestacks or on your rooted Android phone.

2. Using the Root Browser go to the folder designated data/data/com.aniplex.fategrandorder and delete Shared Preferences and then go into files and delete everything that ends in save.dat.

3. Restart the game and go through the tutorial again to get a chance to get a good servant. Just know this. With your first summoning, it’s always one of the Servants in the picture. For me my first one was d’Eon then I got Siegfried.

Just know this. It was easier to do a summoning when the game first started since you could do another summoning right after the tutorial. However you now have to finish the third mission to get another Quartz to roll and that increases the time between each reroll.

And that’s how you reroll. Good luck. I hope you get what you want.

So until the next post,
Later Days

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