It’s good to have a few nice and slice of life episodes but I’m wondering when we’ll return to canon.

So we’re here again with another episode. This time we’re going to the festival. And festivals mean Yukatas!

vlcsnap-2015-08-22-01h59m14s206 vlcsnap-2015-08-22-01h59m22s356

Very cute. Also how did Sella know how to tie those Yukatas? In anime most people need someone to tie it for them and foreign people end up getting completely confused by it.


Ah the power of the internet! There’s nothing that you can’t find there.

So after that the doorbell rings and the girls go out to meet the rest of the group and head to the festival.

After the opening, we head over to Rin and Luvia where Rin is getting Luvia into her Yukata.


Very cute.

So Luvia’s being snarky so Rin gets back at her by using the fact that she’s Japanese to her advantage. She tells Luvia that you’re not supposed to wear underwear under a Yukata.


I like to add right now that you are! Very very important that you do! I know people like to go to some summer conventions in Yukata and I want to stop that right here.

A Yukata is a thin fabric kimono which means that if you get wet it will be see through probably unlike a kimono which is made of thicker fabric. Also you’re not supposed to wear underwear under a kimono not a yukata.

So thinking that Rin knows since she’s Japanese and Luvia’s…I think she’s from Finland or some type of Nordic country she pops off her bra and says okay.


There’s a Date A Live Joke here…let me see…

Deven digs through his anime folder and finds Date A Live 2

Ah found it!


Different characters same reaction.

Back to Fate.


Rin’s smile is dangerous…very scary.

So we move back to the festival where all the girls are together…where’s the little blond one that needs a chill pill? Tatsuko? Whatever…


Very cute. At least there’s no loli fanservice here. I’m still coming down after watching the 7th Zwei OVA. Just so you know the first season of Zwei had an OVA that was delayed to due to reason that I don’t know. Anyway it was recently released and translated…let’s just say that things get really yuri there. Just watch it for yourselves.

Anyway back to the review.

So while they walk Miyu looks confused so Illya tells her that she’ll answer any questions. So Miyu points to a stand where the cotton candy’s around 500 yen each. She explains how to make cotton candy and she says this.


This is a festival Miyu. Of course everything’s a rip off. Then again that’s life…

So of course the people running the stand heard them and they have to run away.

So after that they head back to the group where they see Tatsuko…


Oh she’s on the shrine. Be careful Tatsuko. You could fall off…and what a tragedy would that be…


Faceplant right on the concrete but it looks like she’s okay. well she probably lost some brain cell but she wasn’t using them anyway.

And then cue her falling off two more times.

And her friends say that this completely natural for her.

And we go to Miyu, who after seeing Tatsuko, is wondering if that’s having fun at the festival can she have any fun?

Relax Miyu. No one will ever have that much fun but you’ll be able to have a good time.

So Illya says she’ll make sure Miyu has fun at the festival. To the booths! First one up is the balloon scoop!

Everyone else sucks at it but Miyu…


What can’t she do?!

It’s really more of a flick of the wrist type thing I guess?

And then to the candied apples!


And then to the Ring Toss.


And it’s safe to say that it was fun for them.


Looks like someone made out like a bandit. Where are the rigged games at?!

So Kuro takes a crack at Illya since she bought a magical wand from her favorite anime from one of the vendors. It doesn’t really make sense she’s got the real deal with Ruby.

Hahaha you don’t get it Kuro!


She’s the ultimate otaku now…

So with that Ruby comes out of Illya’s hair and says that she likes this show better than her. Then Illya isn’t about that life and throws the mask in the garbage along with Ruby. She’ll be fine.


What about the brokenly powerful Mystic Code that you just threw away? Is that childish?

And then Sapphire comes out of Miyu’s hair and asks if she’ll ever be unfaithful. We know what you’ll do Sapphire…

Note: Sapphire is voiced by Miyu Matsuki…same seiyuu as Anna Nishinomiya from Shimoseka. Ponder that for a moment.

So this is what Miyu says.


Very yuri right there and predictably we have this reaction from Mimi.


Those yuri instincts are strong…

So we go to the next booth where we see a familiar face.


Ah it’s good to see you again. It’s been what since last episode?

So it’s one of Bazett’s many part time jobs to pay back Luvia. Luvia’s going to make her regret destroying her house until the day she dies.

So the girls starts doing the game and they fail and all they get is this for failing…


Oooh string!

And when they start to complain this is what Bazett says.


Well put. Now get out!

And she calls out to Illya, Miyu, and Kuro to try. Then Kuro uses some Structural Anaylsis magic to check to see if it’s even possible to win.

I like Kuro’s Trace on. It’s not as cool as Shiro or Archer’s but it’s adorable. Chiwa Saito for the win!

So Bazett outright confirms it’s a scam by saying no one’s going to draw higher than second prize. However it’s good that Luvia and Rin show up.


Awww Rin’s so cute. Best girl. However…we know that Luvia’s not wearing any underwear so something’s bound to happen.

Luvia says that she’ll draw everything that’s left and puts the cash on the table.

And…Bazett caves fast. Well it’s time to prep them for delivery…


Bazett is strong…

Anyway we have a quick little moment with Luvia and Rin fighting with their hair a la Eriri from Saekano

2015-08-22_15-14-05 2015-08-22_15-16-09

And then the other girls return from getting some shaved ice and Nanaki sees Rin and Luvia and wants to get her revenge! At least she loves her sister.


However Suzuka holds her back and says this isn’t the time to fight.

Be patience Nanaki. Revenge is given first unto the lolis.

So the girls start fighting but once Rin says if they fight their yukata will come undone and that immediately stops Luvia because then she’d flash her glory to the world…I’d like to see that.

So then they talk about how the only reason they came together was because they were meeting up with Shiro. And then we move to Shiro working for Tatsuko’s family since he’s paying them back for the favor they gave him for letting them have Illya’s birthday at their beach stand.


At least he can still cook here. I’m still waiting for the awesomeness that is Drei. And Luvia and Rin are all blushy.

So after the group gets there Tatsuko’s dad lets Shiro to hang out with the group since his wife and sons are coming soon. When someone asks why Tatsuko isn’t helping he says this.


We all have that friend that things seems to work better when they aren’t around. Looks like Tatsuko’s theirs.

So as they leave Tatsuko’s dad gives them a few bags of food to eat and tells them to make sure to take Tatsuko with them as she runs up.

Love his daughter but he likes making money. She’s a jinx can’t deny that.

So we switch over to the group with the little girls eating while Shiro is talking with Rin and Luvia.

Shiro starts apologizing for not being able to spend more time with Luvia and Rin because he was working. It’s okay Shiro. After all you’re just repaying your debt and you’re here now.

At least that’s what I’d say. Luvia and Rin are good with it too but Luvia throws in a insult but Rin doesn’t take the bait.

She’s preparing for her true attack!

vlcsnap-2015-08-23-02h23m51s442 vlcsnap-2015-08-23-02h23m53s563

And which are?


Hahah point for Rin Tohsaka! And look at Luvia’s reaction face.


She knows she got played. What is your revenge going to be my beloved Luvia?

Answer: She grabs a water balloon, puts it in Rin’s yukata, and pops it to make it look like Rin peed on herself. Very Good revenge. Look at Shiro’s reaction.


Ah the battles between Rin and Luvia are what make Fate/Kaleid’s comedy. I really wish they could make a series about Rin’s time at the Clock Tower after Heaven’s Feel ends.

Note: At the end of Heaven’s Feel, Rin goes to the Clock Tower alone as opposed to when she went with Shiro at the end of Unlimited Blade Works

And then Luvia goes for her laugh.


She leans all the way back like Boa Hancock! She’s looking down so much she’s flipped it! Anymore jokes or puns? I’ve run out…

So they get into another fight while Illya, Kuro, and Miyu watch and then Illya freezes up and remembers she isn’t wearing any underwear under her yukata. Come on what are the odds that something’s going to strip you naked?

Very high since some insanely random bottle flies through the air and Illya’s yukata comes undone…that was random as hell.

So Illya runs into the woods and meets Ruby and immediately goes into her Trance form in order to get some clothes on.

Oddly Ruby gets mad. You’re not supposed to use magical girl transformations to get out of being naked!

Unless it’s a loli magical girl, I disagree. If it’s more of an older magical girl then I’m on the team. Then again you don’t really have many high school age magical girls. It’s mostly middle schoolers.

So then Miyu and Sapphire arrive to help and Miyu says that she can fix Illya’s yukata since she tied her own. That’s amazing. Check with your average Japanese girl when she wears a yukata or a kimono. Nine times out of ten someone helped her into it. If she can do it herself that’s good. Then again based on what I’ve seen in Drei, you can expect it.

So when Ruby comments how magical girls become magical girls on an accident or coincendence, Illya asks if it was the same for her. Miyu pauses for a second and then says it was the same for her.

Which is a lie. I don’t have the pictures and it would take too long to download them but basically when Luvia(who originally had Sapphire) found Miyu they had already made the contract. Miyu basically said I’ll fight for you and do what you want just give me a place to live, clothes, and food.

So Miyu did it for survival. So the question is why did she lie? And why did she need these things? The answers are all in the final part of Zwei!

So turns out that Kuro was listening in as well and as we return to the group and watch the fireworks, Kuro says this.

You have to admit that Kuro is the most perceptive out of the characters. After all Luvia and Rin never noticed anything wrong or amiss with Miyu but Kuro did. However not saying anything might be worse. She’s not saying anything in order to protect Miyu and Illya’s happiness and daily lives but that will come to an end. And they’ll have to deal with the hardest fight ever because of it.

I bet at this moment Kuro was wondering if she should say something about Miyu and what she’s been hiding however after seeing her face in wonder at looking at the fireworks even the most hardened person would lose their nerve.

vlcsnap-2015-08-23-02h50m38s291 vlcsnap-2015-08-23-02h50m46s761

Let her have this Kuro.

Normally ending it on a sweet moment like that would be enough but they had to give us the comedy at the end. Namely Bazett getting chewed out by her boss for selling all the prizes and now she’s going to get the rest docked from her pay.

Being Bazett is suffering. Can’t win a Grail War, screwed over in Fate/Hollow Ataxaria, now she can’t even keep a part time job. Hahaha

So with that the episode ends.

It was a pretty okay episode. As a good chuck of people are saying that these fillers are pointless, I disagree.

Simply put after the end of Zwei’s first part all that was left was the beach arc and then we dived right into the eighth card. And seeing that the next episode we start the beginning parts of the eighth card arc, we have five episodes for the eighth card plus the two for beach leaving us with three short for a ten episode season or five short for a traditional season.

It was the only thing they could do so they do give us a little in terms of raising our curiousity about Miyu as well as showing that Luvia and Rin are working towards getting to the card.

It’s really more of canon filler basically.

So enough of my little rant. Looks like we’re back to canon next episode and we’ll have a little of Sella and Liz before we go to fight! I can’t wait!

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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