Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with something new.

I’m going to be doing a Fate/Grand Order Giveway!

What is the prize?

099 - 195DWiO

That’s right! I’ll be giving away a Lancelot Berserker Account. This account also has 16 Saint Quartz as well.

Now I bet you’re wondering ‘Deven, why are you giving away a good Berserker account?’

Well it’s mostly because I have two other good accounts. I have my main account with Siegfried and Chevalier and my secondary account with Atalanta and some other good but low level cards.

I’m not the type of person to keep something I don’t want or need. I’m a fan of Berserker Lancelot but I don’t really want him. I’m more than okay enough to give this account someone that can use him better.

How to Enter

It’s pretty simple. Please use the hashtag #animethiefgiveaway on Twitter and you must be following me on Twitter.

I want to make this clear. If you’re not following me and your name comes up in the list, I will skip you and reroll.

The giveaway will be finished in three days(September 11th) at 3:00 pm Central Standard Time and then the winner will be privately contacted to give the account information.

Everyone has chance to win so try your luck!

The Giveaway is now over and the winner has been contacted.

So until the next results come out,
Later Days

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Feel free to buy here or not. Just know that you’ll be supporting AnimeThief a little bit.

Happy Buying