Hmm let’s see what DelightWorks has done so far. They’ve fixed the QP drops, reduced the AP regen time, and added Gilgamesh(temporarily), Medea, Proto Cu Chulainn, Atalanta, and Lancelot to the Gatcha. What else can they do?

Deven sees the second part of the event

All is forgiven. Every past tragression has been nullified.

So here’s the second part of the 3 million download event:Every player will get one free 4 Star Servant!

The game will go into maintenance on September 7th(Japan’s Monday, our Sunday) from 14:00 to 15:00 (JPN Time), there will be codes of 10 4 star servants posted on Twitter. You can use the codes to receive ONE servant of your choice after the maintenance ends. This promotion will last until September 30th.


However slow your roll. You cannot Saber Alter, Nero, Atalanta, or Lancelot in this. I have no idea why. Maybe they want to torture the Saber fans.

These are the servants that can be obtained.



Chevalier d’Eon


Heroic Spirit Emiya


Elizabeth Bathory


Marie Antoinette






Tamamo Cat

You only get one so choose wisely. I recommend choosing something that works for your team. I’m going through my personal thoughts for each Servant.

Siegfried and Chevalier d’Eon

No point whatsoever for me to get either of them since I already have both of them on my main account.

Heroic Spirit Emiya

025 - aobT88q

Emiya seems like a good choice and he’s the second most powerful Archer in the game right now. See even though Atalanta can be run about sixty different ways, Emiya is simple.

Get your Unlimited Blade Works and rain down swords until whatever is in your way is dead.

Atalanta mostly focuses on beating the crap out of you with her ability to generate critical stars.

I think Emiya is better in the long run though. Since he can last a lot of longer than Atalanta since he’s got Eye of the Mind(True) which lets him dodge an attack for one turn. Atalanta has no defensive skills.

With all that you’d think I’m going for Emiya, right?

Nope. I’m not. I’m saving him for later when I can possibly get some crystals. The main reason is I’m willing to deal with crap until I get something good. I have Arash on my main team and Atalanta as the leader of my second team. I’m willing to deal with the suicidal Archer until I can get something worth using like Emiya, Robin Hood, or Atalanta or even Gilgamesh.

Elizabeth Bathory

039 - cfvM1ZZ

I’m not going for her despite the fact that she’s so freaking cute. Simply put Lancer Cu is more powerful than her. He’s darn near immortal. He’s got Protection from Arrows and Battle Continuation which makes sure that he’s going to be around to shank you with his spear for a long time.

Trust me Elizabeth is good but she’s something I can wait for.

Marie Antoinette and St. Martha

They’re both powerful members of the Rider class. Heck St. Martha is the most powerful Rider you can get period. She’s strong, hits a lot with her Noble Phantasm, can heal the entire team and remove all debuffs.

Marie is similar except she does the same things for herself only.

I’d would like Martha but I need to think ahead. If I need a Rider, I can work with the Medusa that I already have and besides Medusa’s so cute.

Stheno and Carmilla

Stheno hits hard but her Noble Phantasm is useless. However Carmilla is the most powerful Assassin in the game. It has a high chance to kill if you’re female and if it doesn’t, it still restores 2000 points of your HP. Very good.

I’d like Carmilla but I’ve got to deal with Sasaki until I can get something better.

Hercules and Tamamo

These are personally in my opinion one of the two Servants that should be chosen.

The main reason is the people that are playing the game hardcore right now are not playing the story right now. They’re farming for ascension materials and they want to get right to the end of the battle and into the next one as soon as possible. That’s where a good Berserker comes in.

Hercules is the single target version while Tamamo is good at crowd control. However Hercules has a lot ways to stick around after death while Tamamo’s Noble Phantasm can heal her for two turns.

I’m definitely going to get both. I’m going to have Hercules for my main team and Tamamo for my second team. I need more crits with the second.

So that’s my stuff. I think this is a beautiful idea from Delightworks. I can’t wait until I get my new Servants!
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