I don’t know what made me feel this way but this fight felt a little less epic than what it was back in the manga

We return to back where we were at the end of the last episode.


You can cut the tension with a butter knife…

So Mard Geer is clearly shocked to see him there but puts it together that Lucy must have summoned him. Then the Celestial Spirit King says he’s still holding onto that Book of END.

You know what they say. ‘Old habits die hard.’

And the Celestial Spirit King asks Mard Geer what are his plans?


And then the world will END. Get it? It’s a pun!

Anyway looks like the Celestial Spirit King has had enough tlak because he and the demons made Lucy break Aquarius’s Key so now it’s time to fight!

I don’t know why but the fight seems a bit less dramatic as it was back in the manga.

As they fight Mard Geer is assured of his victory because he knows the one true weakness that all Celestial Spirits have.

Meanwhile we go over to Lucy who’s still crying about her loss of Aquarius and her key.


Lucy look out! Jackal’s coming!


Jackal tries to blow Lucy up but a barrier of water manages to save her and it turns out that Aquarius’s magic is there, protecting her given to her by the Celestial Spirit King. We also see that her clothes changed as well. This is a major hint at Lucy’s future powers called the Star Dresses.


This is probably Lucy’s greatest upgrade yet. Why? Because she casts Urano Metria and defeating Jackal in one shot.

Very badass Lucy. But at this point, Lucy’s magical energy goes down by a lot and then we see what Mard Geer means. As the Celestial Mage’s magical energy goes down the Celestial Spirit’s power goes down as well.

So with his time helping out going down, the Celestial Spirit King does one final move to help out, the Galaxian Blade!


And that breaks everyone out of Alegria!

And for a bonus, Mard Geer is trapped in stone for a bit!


He’ll be back soon. He’s too awesome to be trapped forever.

So after seeing how powerful Lucy is Torafuzar tries to kill her but Gajeel manages to block it at the last minute.


And then Natsu, Juvia, and Gray show up to as Tempester, Keyes, and Silver show up for the Tartarus side. It looks like it’s going to a legendary battle between Fairies and Demons!


And with that the episode ends.

The fight with Mard Geer and the Celestial Spirit King felt strangely lacking with me and most of the good stuff came up at the end with Lucy beating Jackal and the beginning of the 4 on 4 with Fairy Tail vs. Tartarus.

So the next episode looks to be Erza vs. Minerva. I really want to see the 4 on 4 though!

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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Luvia and Gray hanging out with the frogs. Yeah…I get my Zero-chan not Pixiv.

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