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So we start this episode off with some flashbacks to what happened last episode. After that we get the girls at the beach but this time there’s no fun in the sun, there is only a battle to be fought.


Very dramatic but then again they are facing…I can’t say but if you’re any remote Fate fan then you’ll know the second they show up.

So it’s finally time! Magical girl transformation!

Hey wait a second! Kuro isn’t a magical girl!

Also I can show this because of the whole covered in light thing. Thank goodness.



So after they finish the transformation that Kuro barged in on, they take the stairs down to the place where they’re supposed to the jump. Wait a second?! They had an elevator back in the manga! Is Luvia cutting corners?


So as they walk, Illya starts to get worried when Kuro starts making snarky comments. However Luvia and Rin tell her it’s important to be relaxed before going into a battle but remember to be focused when it counts.

So once they reach the bottom, Rin goes over the battle plan once more and it’s almost time to leave. However where’s Bazett? It’s almost time to go.


This lady is very badass and knows how to make an arrival. I wish we could see her cute side more. Then again you can see that in Carnival Phantasm. I recommend you watch it.

So once Bazett arrives, she says that she’ll allow them to make the first move since they were able to prepare the location and the transport. Very mannerable of you, Bazett. They say you’re a Berserker woman. Then again she is Shidome-senpai from Sore ga Seiyuu.

vlcsnap-2015-09-10-14h54m26s665 vlcsnap-2015-09-10-14h54m29s196

So Rin teases her saying that she’d better not be crying after because of that concession.

Also while explaing that Illya can’t afford to take any damage because of the curse of shared pain with Kuro and Bazett, Bazett explains that hers is already gone. Turns out that some nun took it off of her.

vlcsnap-2015-09-10-14h59m03s408 vlcsnap-2015-09-10-14h59m07s596

Just got to love Kotomine’s daughter

Read that as demon spawn! I still have that worthless Craft Essense you demon! Quit spooking me!!!

So Illya and Miyu set up the jump and as they travel to the Mirror World where the Eighth Card is, Illya has a bad feeling. Oh Illya if only you knew…



So as they arrive they see this.


This doesn’t look like any normal Heroic Spirit but then again there is no such thing as normal with them.

So they keep to the plan and it’s time for the battle!

And Luvia goes first! She sets up the jewels for the barrier while Kuro prepares a projection and Illya and Miyu start up a charge.


My only question is how she moves like that in a dress? I can’t deny that she is sexy.

So after Luvia finishes her part and traps the card in place, it’s time for Rin to move and she sets up a mana battery.

Rin in action is just as sexy as Luvia. That’s why the greatest question in the Fate world is not who’s best, Rin or Saber? It’s who’s best Rin or Luvia? The question is simply too hard to answer.

So Rin makes a mana boosting battery using her Azoth Dagger which is pretty clever. She doesn’t have the sheer power that Illya and Miyu have but she can add onto that power with her own.

And Illya and Miyu blast the eighth card with everything they’ve got.

But the question is where’s Kuro?


And while she’s running she’s going over what actually makes the basis of Shiro and subsequently Archer’s power, the Seven Steps of Projection.

  1. Judging the concept of creation
  2. Hypothesizing the basic structure
  3. Duplicating the composition material
  4. Imitating the skill of its making
  5. Sympathizing with the experience of its growth
  6. Reproducing the accumulated years
  7. Excelling every manufacturing process

And all while she’s doing this and projecting something, her version(it’s not Illya since Kuro was the one doing all the fighting) of the Emiya Theme is playing in the background, Shoujo Shinka.

And when she’s done, guess what she’s got? Excalibur!!


Wait a second? I thought Archer and Shiro in Heaven’s Feel both said that it was impossible to project. Well the author of Fate/Kaleid said that the Excalibur we see here is ranked down by two ranks. So instead of being A++ it’s loses the pluses and goes down to B rank. However it goes back up if you turn into a Broken Phantasm like she’s doing right now!

She’s crazy! She’s about to shoot off Excalibur from a bow.

2015-09-13_16-43-10 2015-09-13_17-03-18

Kuro is the best loli this season. Simply the best.

So after Kuro shoots off the greatest Broken Phantasm to ever be done, we see this.


It didn’t do anything! And where did that shield come from?!

So with their plan going up in smoke and the eighth card having a lot more power than expected, the only thing that Illya and the girls can do is retreat.

However even retreating is hard with that card aggressively coming after them. It takes everything for them just to back off.

Even Luvia’s massive wealth of gems can’t hold this card back. Who is this Heroic Spirit?!

So as the girls run away, Bazett takes off her Fragrach bag and says this.


Sure. You want to be first to die. Be our guest.

And she activates her runes and goes into battle. Poor little crazy girl.

Illya tries to go back and help Bazett but Kuro says there’s no point because…


That woman is already dead.

And on that note we head back to Illya’s place where we see Irisviel going into Illya and Kuro’s room only to find that they aren’t there. We also head to Kotomine’s church to find that Karen is calling in for some help from the church.


Demon spawn! Spooker!

Sorry Fate/Grand Order reflex.

And we move back to Bazett getting stabbed and she goes over how she could get stabbed and how the swords could be so powerful they went right through her glove’s hardening runes.

And we finally see the spirit and it all makes sense to a seasoned Fate fan.


How many Heroic Spirits have swords floating around them like that? The answer is only one. The Legendary King of Heroes, Gilgamesh!

And the first thing he does when he goes serious is start raining swords down on the mongrels! And he stabs Bazett in the heart!

However she’s got some backup plans!

Turns out that Bazett had the rune of resuscitation all set up and just needed someone to push her enough to use it! And Gilgamesh was perfect for it.

And she literally starts wailing on Gilgamesh with her fists. This is beyond logic now.

Even if she’s beating the crap out of him, it takes a second for them to realize that each and every weapon that they’re dealing with is a Noble Phantasm which doesn’t track since every Heroic Spirit only has a max of about three Noble Phantasm. There are exceptions like Achilles from Fate/Apocrypha who have five but he’s more of the exception like I said rather than the standard.

So they wonder who is the Heroic Spirit with hundreds of Noble Phantasms?

And as they wonder about that Gil starts firing off his swords and they can’t defend in time so it leaves Kuro to save them with Rho Aias!

However even the legendary Rho Aias can’t stand up to that many swords and eventually it breaks too. Seeing that it’s too much for them, Illya and the others try to escape while Bazett tries for her last move to defeat Gil. It isn’t going to work…


Maybe it does…mostly because Illya and Kuro stuck behind to help out Bazett.

However that’s not what’s shocking.


There’s a second Archer card?!

What is with this? I thought Heroic Spirit Emiya was the spirit inside the Archer card? Things are getting more and more interesting aren’t they?

However Gil isn’t losing so easily and he pushes Bazett off and things are getting even more serious as he pulls out Ea. Yes that Ea! And blasts them with only a bit of its true power.

Then we move to the new ending, Wishing Diary, as the episode comes to a somewhat early end.

After the ending we see that Illya, Kuro, and Bazett managed to make it out at the last second but the battle isn’t over.


He ain’t holding back anymore!

And with that the episode ends.

We’ve definitely got a battle of legendary proportions coming up and I can’t wait! I want some Zwei form now! Let’s go.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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