This was definitely a bit of a interlude and a rest before the awesomeness that is Gilgamesh and Zwei Form

So we start off with the stuff we had last week with the girls figuring out that Gilgamesh is simply too much for them to handle.

And then this happens.


Oh well that’s a thing.

So Gil breaks through the barrier between the real world and the Mirror World with Ea. That thing is truly a World Buster.

So after the opening we have this.


I think Silver Link rendered Ea differently. Anyway Gil just sits there for a moment before Luvia blows the place up with her gem explosion.

Clever. Got to hand it to Luvia. She thinks of everything.

So Miyu and Illya use their flight to carry Rin and Luvia out while Kuro and Bazett have to run out while Gil is stuck there about to get crushed.

Or so you think….


There is truly nothing that isn’t in the Gate of Babylon. So with Vimana, a massive Indian flying chariot, right behind them the girls better pick it up or they’ll get crushed. Be grateful that the King of Heroes doesn’t feel like blowing you up yet.

They manage to barely make it to the surface just as Vimana gets there too. However there’s a bigger question now. What are they going to do to beat this thing and how are they going to hide it from the rest of Fuyuki?

Don’t worry someone’s here to help out.


It’s the demon spawn…I mean Karen…well she is a demon spawn too. That Craft Essense is more useless than the Black Keys.

So Karen explains that they need to think about what is currently, anaylze the environment, and then act based on that information they’ve got.

So with this they conclude that Gilgamesh is looking for something and at the moment he’s not a threat to the city. Also looks like Karen used a Bounded Field to seal Fuyuki so people won’t come in and all the people in the city go to sleep so there’s no worry about someone finding out.

Good work Karen.

But there are more pressing questions. Illya’s wondering something since the second that Karen arrived.

vlcsnap-2015-09-19-13h59m24s124 vlcsnap-2015-09-19-14h00m12s999

A good question and Karen your answer?

vlcsnap-2015-09-19-14h00m19s908 vlcsnap-2015-09-19-14h00m23s186

That’s one way to put it. There’s also the one in Fate/Hollow Ataxaria where she doesn’t wear a skirt in order to increase mobility and seduce guys so she can use her Mystic Code, Shroud of Magdalene, to catch them.

So we move into what basically boils down to an interlude or a break time. Bazett breaks into Tatsuko’s family’s beach hut and everyone uses the time to heal up, eat, and rest but we all know how Silver Link goes and they had to have a mana transfer scene.

Now I’m currently writing this in my local library and I’m not a lolicon so I can’t show the entire thing so I’ll just give you the beginning.


Very very loli yuri…this could have been worst since Kuro was rubbing her knee between Illya’s legs and that is very yuri of her.

So this is the funny part.


Karen you’re such a pervert, enjoying two little girls kissing. So Karen trolls them bit before calling everyone together to explain that Gilgamesh’s flight angles are constantly changing like he’s looking for something.

Bazett reveals that Gilgamesh said ‘Holy Grail’ so that leads everyone to believe that he might be going to the Grand Cavern of the Holy Grail underneath Mt. Enzou.

And cue that Gilgamesh starts going to the mountain and it’s Miyu and Illya that rush after him to catch him before he gets to the Grand Cavern.


And it looks like the battle has started again. So while Illya and Miyu are flying, Bazett and Karen are on a motorcyle while Rin, Luvia, and Kuro are taking the limo. It’s all race against time.

So while they race towards Mt. Enzo, inside the limo Kuro comes to the conclusion that if he’s not after her or Illya since they are the vessels of the Holy Grail there must be something different about this Holy Grail War.

vlcsnap-2015-09-19-14h28m36s018 vlcsnap-2015-09-19-14h28m40s162

So once we reach the mountain Gil just drops a bomb down on the the place and gets rid of the top of the mountain without any effort.

And he jumps right on the formula and starts absorbing it. Miyu and Illya fly in to try and stop him but things happen…


My lord you have grown small and cute…

And Illya…well just see this.


So she just touched his junk basically?

And we end with Illya trying to blast Gil because she touched his stuff. Isn’t that little laugh?

It was a more of okay episode. I didn’t really like the interlude part. It seemed a bit unnecessary especially since they spent a good chuck of the time doing filler. There’s nothing that sucks more than adding filler after you’ve done filler.

All in all, the canon parts of the episode were good.

So we’re going to get into the good parts of the finale part of the Zwei arc! I can’t wait for Zwei form!

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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