Hey everyone. It’s Deven and here I am. Darn it all! Fall, the season of suffering since I must return to school.

However no matter what Fall always seems to be a good season for anime. It’s really only Winter that seems to be slow even then we had the hits with Saekano and Koufuku Graffiti last Winter. Anyway…

So I’m keeping with the style I made last summer: What I’m reviewing, What I’m just watching, and what I’m watching from past seasons.

I deeply apologize this fall for only doing one new anime. The reason being that I’m going to be doing NaNo or better known as National Novel Writing Month. It’s where hundreds of authors around the world try to write a full novel in one month.

I feel that having a lot stuff do this fall would slow me down from doing that so I wanted to lighten my load. Rest assured that I’m going to have my standard two new anime next season.


I’m only reviewing new one thing. Remember no matter what I will always review Fairy Tail. That’s something that isn’t going to change.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru

The novel series revolves around Shoutarou Tatewaki and Sakurako Kujyou. Shoutarou is a normal high school student with a serious demeanor who likes to show off his girlfriend Sakurako. Sakurako is an extraordinarily beautiful woman in her mid-20s from a rich family who loves “beautiful bones.” The two live in the city of Asahikawa in Hokkaido, and they get involved in various incidents regarding bones.


There’s nothing like a good mystery. It’s one of the basic forms of entertainment in my opinion. I like the fact that anime is set in Hokkaido instead somewhere like Tokyo. Tokyo feels so overdone and Hokkaido is new. I’ve often written about the city of Sapporo and their Winter Festival so it will be good to see more parts of the prefecture.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru begins October 8th which means it’s going to be a traditional 12 or 13 episode season.


Keeping with the theme I had during the summer, I’m going to watch a few things. Granted I can’t watch some of the returning seasons like the Monogatari series or Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?. So I’ll be watching all new stuff.

Dance with Devils

The story revolves around Rikka Tachibana, a female second-year high school student who attends Shiko Academy in Shiko Town. She enjoyed her school life while living with her mother Maria, but one day, that balance fell into ruin. The anime is a story of Rikka being loved and being attracted to demons.


Ah you’ve got to love the classics. A harem anime but this time it’s a reverse anime. I have to admit that, while well versed in harem anime, I am not that good at reverse animes. I’ve only seen one, Ouran Host Club and that’s it. I’m looking interested in this anime. I apparently need a harem at least once a season or I can’t function properly. I had Monster Musume during the summer so I need something now.

I’m looking at Anilist and currently they don’t have anything on the cast. So I’ll keep my eyes opening.

Dance with Devils will premiere on October 8th.

Utawarerumono:Itsuwari no Kamen

When I came to, I realized I was standing in the middle of a vast, snowy plain I knew nothing of. I didn’t know how I got there. And to add to that, I couldn’t remember anything, not even my name. I stood there, dumbfounded at my absurd situation. But then, as if to spite me further, a gigantic monster suddenly appeared, an insect-like creature that began to bear down on me. I tried desperately to run, but it cornered me into a hopeless situation. It was then that the girl appeared. Her name was Kuon. It was this beautiful girl, who bore an animal’s ears and tail, who saved my life.


It’s another tradition of mine. I need something good old fashion fantasy and this fills the quota. We don’t much about about other than blurb but it seems like more of the classic ‘protagonist gets through into a new world and needs to adapt’ thing. I’m defintely going to watch this one.

Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan

The story follows Hakone, a hot spring spirit who descended to a spa resort on Earth. However, with her long slumber, she looks like a little girl on the outside. (The “Yousei” in the title is a wordplay on the Japanese words for fairy and a young child.) The high school boy Touya stumbles across her at a hot spring and ends up joining Hakone in retrieving her original powers.


A little short. Not much but I’m going to guess with a hot spring spirit, it’s going to get a lot of ecchi. I’ll be going to be checking this one.

Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!

Syuri Komori is a 14-year-old girl, who is so nice that she can not turn down people’s request. She gains amazing abilities while she fulfills people’s request. There are many fun & happy things in her life, since she is an adolescent middle school student after all!


Another short.A little bit of slice of life more similar to Joukamachi no Dandelion. Just a little girl in her hometown helping people with her powers. Sounds good to me.

Hacka Doll: The Animation

The anime personifies the Hacka Doll app’s customization engine as three “Hacka Dolls” — the personal entertainment AI and main navigator Hacka Doll #1, the anime expert Hacka Doll #2, and the knowledgeable otaku Hacka Doll #3.


I don’t really get this one much but I like the otaku Doll. So I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note

The novel’s stories center around Aya Tachibana, a sixth-grader who frets and obssesses over friends, family, grades, and more. One day, she joins Tantei Team KZ with four very idiosyncratic boys she met at cram school.


There is the glib and attention-grabbing leader Kazuomi Wakatake, the mysterious “expert of personal relationships” Takakazu Kuroki, the smart and stoic math genius Kazunori Uesugi, and the sweethearted Kazuhiko Kozuka who is good at social matters and science. Aya finds her place among them as the “language expert.” Tantei Team KZ gets involved in modern-day cases, and even if they bicker from time to time, they collaborate by pooling each of their talents and skills to solve these cases.

Another mystery anime. I must need something to be mysterious and alluring this season. I’m going to check this one out. I think based on the cast, it might turn into a reverse harem though.

And that’s all I’ll be checking out. I’ve got a lot of love for Utawarerumono:Itsuwari no Kamen and Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru. I’m just curious about the rest.

So until the beginning of the Fall Season,
Later Days

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