I need a moment. The sheer awesomeness and hype for next week.

So we start off the same way we ended last week with Sting and Rogue managing to come through and save Minerva at the last minute.


Nice save there.

Now things are getting good where Mard Geer reveals that there are more than 3000 Faces…but it said 2000 last episode. Hiro…you need some consistency.

And worst of all, all of them will go off in one hour. And since they have Keyes, pretty much Fairy Tail Kotomine since they have the same seiyuu, they’re both mystic and don’t many much sense, who’s a necromancer who’s controlling the former chairman so he can remote activate all the Faces.


Well things are now serious more so than ever.

So we go back to the 3 on 3 with Fairy Tail and where things are getting tough with on the Fairy Tail side.

And while that’s happening Gajeel and Natsu get into a fight while Juvia and Keyes start talking. He speaks of a tale of a boy while Juvia can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong with Gray.

Meanwhile Gray and Silver are talking where Gray comments that he looks similar to someone he knows.


That’s impossible!




And then he goes into the explanation. However we have to wait while we switch over to Minerva and Erza.

They end up meeting up with Happy and Lily where Minerva notices the mushroom on Happy’s head and…rips it off.

Very savage of you Minerva. Then again she’s named after a war goddess.

She makes Franmalth lead them to the control room and then we switch back to Gray and Silver.

Finally Silver reveals his identity. Turns out that he is really Deliora, the demon of Zeref’s books that killed Gray’s parents and teacher. As a sick bonus, he stole his father’s dead body to use as a vessel. Wow he’s just stacking up evils ain’t he?

So now the battle begins between Silver and Gray and I can’t wait.

So this episode didn’t have the impact that it did in the manga. I can’t really put my finger on it but it’s not there.

It was all there though. Good visuals, good music, and good voices. Something just didn’t click. I hope this feeling is going to go away before Juvia vs. Keyes and Gajeel vs. Torafuzar. Those are some good fights.

So until next week,
Later Days

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