Just as despair sinks in with the fact that the English fandom can’t see the movie for at least 6 more months, we get this! Thanks for the come through Tachibana-sensei!

The 13th Volume of Date A Live has been announced!

The novel will be called Nia Creation and the new Spirit will be named Nia, otherwise known the Second Spirit! I did indeed call it in my Volume 12 review. The Second Spirit will show up and meet Shido.

Here’s the blurb

Make the 9th Spirit, the otaku manga artist—Nia fall in love!?

Shidou met the 9th Spirit—Nia at the side of the road collapsed in hunger. in order to make Nia fall for him, Shidou had to go on an otaku date with her but………[I———have only fallen in love only in 2D], an impactful truth was brought to light———!?]

And here’s the cover.


She’s just a cute little girl isn’t she?

Her Astral Dress is called the Sister type which basically means she’s wearing a habit.

And her Angel is Raziel and it takes the form of a book.

And the best part is that she’s a full and out otaku!

Heck her line in the blurb says ‘I have only fallen in love only in 2D’. Someone likes a lot of Otome games.

This is going to be fun for Shido. Oh Otaku girls can be hard to deal with. Imagine if she’s a BL lover. She’ll be impossible.

Now to get serious.


Now that we have confirmed the identity of the Second Spirit and that she does indeed have a spot on Date A Live version of the Sephirot Tree.


She has the number two spot now, leaving only the sixth spirit unknown.

Let’s look at her Angel which is the Archangel, Raziel. Raziel is described as the Angel of Mysteries and Keeper of Secrets. Raziel, according to the Sefer Raziel HaMalach stands close by God’s throne and records and writes down all things said and discussed.

This fits a lot with Nia since according to Kurumi as the Second Spirit to come into the world, she’s the only person that knows where the First Spirit is. As for her Angel, Raziel, it’s fitting that it takes the form of a book since Raziel records all things in his book so it fits the theme very well.

Let’s look at all the Spirits for a moment and the traits, according to the tree, they embody. We’ll skip Nia for now.

1. Origami is supposed to represent Deity or the High of the Crowns. This fits because once her Angel was given to her, she adapted to it very well and beat Tohka in Volume 10.


3. Kurumi represents Prudence as well as a few other side ones such as the Idea of Procreation, and Conscience. This works with Kurumi well because she’s the only Spirit that has yet to be caught and she shows insane levels of planning and action in order to mount her attacks on DEM and manipulate Shido into going back in time for her to test and see if time can be changed. As for the Idea of Procreation, no Spirit is more sexually forward than Kurumi. And Conscience makes it clear that Kurumi while doing grave acts, isn’t evil at heart.


4. Yoshino represents Justice which does fit with her to a certain extent with regards to her purity and kindess.


5. Kotori represents Punishment. Short of Kurumi, she fits hers very well with her Efrit personality.


7. Natsumi represents Victory which fits her since she sets up the game for Shido in Volume 8. Others that fit her in the 8th Sephira are Love and Beauty. While she is very cute, she doesn’t see herself as this unless she’s in her adult form. She doesn’t love herself until other people have loved her.


8. The Yamai Twins represent Praise which fits with them well too. Although they may argue and talk about each other, in private they only speak the best of each other.

9. Miku represents Redemption which works with her change in worldview, starting to see men in a better light.


10. Tohka represents Physical Matter which works for her since her fighting style is the most physical out of the girls. You can’t really count Kotori since she uses fire as well. Bar her little energy fields, all Tohka uses is her sword.


Now back to Nia.


Nia represents Duality and the Steller Heavens. This could fit since as the Second Spirit she is the second oldest Spirit existing the world. That would make her exist on a higher order than the rest of the girls. As for Duality, I feel that there will be some stuff with that during the novel.

Now one more thing. Remember back in the Volume 12 where Shido went wild and Mana, while she was fighting Ellen, flew up to him and he asked ‘Where’s Mio?’

I’m personally beginning to think that Mio was just a misunderstanding and that it was supposed to be Nia since we soon get the Second Spirit right after this. And this brings up another question? Why would Shido know the name of the Second Spirit?

At this point we can only speculate. However this is my theory.

Remember Shido and Mana do not remember what happened to them up to a certain point in their lives. It’s to the point where Shido doesn’t even remember that Mana is his true blood sister until she tells him.

Combine that with the fact that Mana worked directly with DEM and was even Adaptus 2, which is the third highest rank in DEM and the second most powerful Wizard in general. That’s something that takes years even with natural talent. My speculation is that Shido, Mana, and Nia were all imprisoned together in DEM. Shido and Mana got to know Nia well but DEM must have wiped their memories or something happened to make them block it out.

I’m just saying that it’s too odd of a coincedence that both brother and sister have no memories of their past and both are working with DEM and Ratotskr. Something must have happened. Either Shido and Mana were born with some power that DEM wanted or something came up and DEM took them. There’s only a few possible answers and my theory seems a fair bit likely.

But right now that’s all we can gain from the information we’ve got so far.

So until the next speculation,
Later Days

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