I think this fight was good but not as good as the manga. Maybe because they need to keep switch back and forth between characters and that ruins the excitement factor

So we start off with the fight and no matter what Gray throws at Silver, he can’t anything against him. Darn Devil Slayer Magic! It lets him eat any type of ice magic.

However the greatest part about Gray is not that he’s overwhelmingly powerful but he’s smart and creative.


But instead of firing off ice, he fires off the rocks from the rumble of Cube getting blown up.

However Silver stops that cold(it’s a pun) by freezing over everything in the area.


So we move back over to Juvia who’s fighting against Keyes still.

And Keyes says that Gray will follow the same path as his master, Ur, and use Ice Shell to try and seal away Silver.

And we go back to the battle and we see Gray’s about to do it. Gray no! It’s not worth it!

However it was a fake and he’s goes in with Silver and says that he’s going to remember what his friend’s told him about sacrificing himself.

And he uses an iron ball and beats Silver.


And as the episode ends with Gray realizing that Silver isn’t Deliora.

It doesn’t seem like a good episode. It doesn’t give me that same struggle against a greater power like the manga. In the manga it felt like no matter what Gray did, Silver just shrugged it off. Maybe it will be better with the next few fights.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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