I see what you did there Juvia-chan. You want to join that Fullbuster family don’t you?

So we start the episode with Gray realizing that Silver isn’t Deliora but actually his own father.

And then Silver goes into the explanation. Turns out that he really did die but was brought back from the dead by Keyes thanks to his necromancy. He’s been around cheating death for the last 17 years.

17 years? Oh I forgot about the 7 year time skip.

So confronted with this and the fact that Silver killed people as a member of Tartarus to complete the Face plan, Gray moves to kill Silver.

However he can’t go through with it.


I understand how you feel Gray. Let it out.

And father and son hug.


As they hug, Silver says Gray has grown to be a good man.

Meanwhile we go back to the fight between Juvia and Keyes.

I can’t help but notice that Juvia has a nice rear end.

So while the fight’s going on, Silver uses telepathy to contact her and calls her Gray’s girlfriend.


That just made Juvia’s day.

So he explains that she needs to beat Keyes since he’s the weakest member and it will stop Face from being able to activate.

And she’s also starts calling him Father. She’s practically a part of the family. Gray just put a ring on her finger. She’s the only girl you hang out with this much.

So the fight continues as Keyes starts talk about Silver and how his rage and hate drove him to master his Ice Devil Slayer magic. And as he does this Juvia refuses to accept this but gets caught by Keyes.

But she isn’t about that life and busts out!


And with that Keyes has been defeated but Juvia’s sad because she’s killed Gray’s father. However Silver tells it’s okay and he can finally rest in peace.

And as we end the episode we go back to Gray as Silver dies. They say their final goodbyes and Silver passes down his Ice Devil Slayer Magic to Gray in order to defeat END.

And with that the episode ends there.

Excellent episode. You’ve got to love the relationship between Gray and Juvia. Why won’t they just get together? There’s a big jump in love between them after this arc.

The next episode is Air which is another epic shipping moment! I can’t wait for it!

So until next episode,
Later Days

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One of the best couples in Fairy Tail looking at the stars… I get my Zero-chan not Pixiv.

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