Let’s go! Let’s see what this week’s episode has for us.

Deven watches the episode

Why man! The Feels! It’s only the second episode!

So we start off the episode with a cute little girl. She’s just adorable.


Isn’t that blood?

So we move over to Sho’s place where he’s doing some late night studying.


Hey he’s doing parabolas.

So seeing he’s got an empty fridge he goes over to the convenience store to pick something up. And what do we see but this adorable little girl…and she’s got blood on her backpack.

So after the opening is called Dear Answer by True which is an awesome opening.

Let’s look at some awesome pics from the opening!

So cute but something I want to talk about where we see a lot disappearances and changes in the opening.

So we see in the opening that characters are seeing people and then they disappear suddenly. I think this is a metaphor for death. Death is often sudden and rarely expected.

These two gifs from the opening really get me though.

2015-10-20_13-03-04 2015-10-20_13-09-27

This one happens after Sakurako sees a young boy calling out to her in front of the cherry blossom tree in her backyard. You see a massive amount of pain in her face. She really wants to get that door open. As you saw in the first episode, Sakurako mostly takes things at her own pace and she doesn’t really panic.

Just commenting here. It’s very common for someone that has lost someone precious to them to see them occasionally. It’s the heart’s way of still holding onto them despite the fact that they’re gone.

Yet there’s often light after death. You can find someone else that will remind you of them.


Just my pre watch guesses. Plus I watched the opening like 20 times. It’s so good!

So to the episode, we start off at the police station where a police officer is questioning our little girl.


His face just screams incompetent…

But at least it’s not all his fault. She’s only three years old so she probably doesn’t know how to say her name much less spell it. Did you know the common name Mai like Mai Nakahara has around 5 or 6 different kanji depending on what kind of meaning you want. Tough.

So everyone having no idea what the girl’s talking about when she tries to explain what happened and no information about where she’s from, the only solution is Sakurako!

Also the police or at least the younger one tries to say that the blood on the backpack is just paint even though it’s clearly blood. People told me that in Japan the police try to keep stuff like murder rates down so while they try, if it looks like a suicide then they aren’t going to try look deeper…


She’s just getting up…more like just getting to bed. She’s been rebuilding skeletons all night. I know the feeling. Once I get into a story, the hours just fly by. I was writing one night at around 7 pm and wrote until 7 in the morning. I was so lucky it was summer then…

Side Note: Nice gown. Now if we could just get a shot of her chest…

So Sakurako lets them in and starts checking things out. From looking at the backpack she’s able to see that the blood’s still fresh, the handprint is of an adult woman so it’s logical that it is her mother’s.

Pretty good analysis in my opinion.

But something’s still not sitting right with Sakurako so she first gets Ii-chan some of her old clothes.


Isn’t she just adorable?

However when she moves Sakurako sees something is wrong with her arm. Ii is a bit against it and afraid for a moment but Sakurako manages to calm her down enough to check her arm out)

So she’s being abused by her parents or parent? That just evil. She’s only a little girl. A little discipline is fine but don’t break her arm and be too much of a punk not to take her to the hospital.

I want to talk about the really good music during the scenes too. It’s done by Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund who did all the background music for Trinity Seven this time last year. Good stuff there. Good stuff.

So guessing that her mom would be a half decent person the group starts checking the nearby hospitals to see if they can find Ii’s name.

I’m wondering if that’s going to work. If it healed wrong that might mean that she wasn’t taken to the hospital…

I told you…well at least she went…

So now that it’s confirmed that the mom is low, Sakurako dislikes her even more but it looks like our saving grace is here.


Kougami! I knew she’d be useful. And turns out she knows where Ii-chan’s house is!

Also apparently Ii’s real name is Yuuka Tominaga. Who the hell gave her the nickname Ii-chan?


And also look at this place. It’s practically a den of abuse and filth.

And as Sakurako looks around, she senses something is wrong with the place. Do you mean other than the massive trash dump the place is?


Or maybe this?

So Sakurako-san snaps on her gloves and does her thing.


She’s got a thing apparently. So Kougami and the officer come in but the officer rushes her back out so Yuuka(Ii-chan) doesn’t see her mother like this. Her mom may have been bad but there’s no excuse for anyone letting a little girl see her mother’s recently murdered corpse.

And as the officer leaves to call HQ, he says this.


That is respect from me there.

So we move back to Sakurako where she starts to examine the body and sees something’s up. Even though she’s got massive injuries she still only has one defensive wound. What happened where she wouldn’t defend herself?

But then we see this and it all makes sense. Well to Sakurako-san first. I’m a bit slower so I needed a bit more time.


She has a second kid!

And then they see that while the room is the middle of the floor is cleaned out. Sakurako moves the woman’s body to find a hidden door in the floor and we find the second child.


Good he’s still alive but things are touch and go from here on out. He was in that tight spot for for hours and he’s hot and short of breath.

Sakurako starts giving him mouth to mouth in order to bring him back. Look at it this way kid. You got your first kiss from a hot woman in her late twenties. Your life is nothing but up from here on out.

Meanwhile the officer outside calls the ambulance but some crazy guy with a knife stabs him and gets into the house.

Meanwhile we go back to Sakurako and Sho trying to keep the baby alive. Sakurako’s giving him air while Sho’s getting some cold stuff to bring down his fever.


Hey it’s all they had left. No ice.

So while they’re working to save the baby’s life, the man comes in to the room while Sakurako can’t stop and Sho’s unable to do anything. But for a bit of luck, Mister Officer, Utsemi, comes through for a bit and gives a bit of a distraction. But the guy is going to try to kill Utsemi! Someone do something and it looks like Sho’s ready to move!


Who’s Soutarou?

Did he just go all Ryu from Street Fighter on him?

So Sakurako gets angry that he risked himself like that and as Sho thinks of his actions, the baby starts to breath.

And as the episode ends, we have Sakurako have a slightly better view of the mother. After all she sacrificed her life to save her children and isn’t that what mothers are supposed to do naturally? They care about their children so instinctly they do it without thinking.

And as the episode ends we have Sakurako call Sho by his real name for the first time.

I didn’t expect this at all. I mean it’s a natural for a mystery to have death but I more or less expected to be impersonal. We wouldn’t really feel for the victim but rather for their family. I’m not saying I like Yuuko’s mother because she did fracture her daughter’s arm but she still did act like a mother should at the end.

So it’s safe to say that I got a gem this season! I can’t wait for the next episode.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

Extra Pic


Zero-chan Link

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