Damn these feels man! Damn the feels! Also sorry I’m late

So before the review. First I’m sorry this is pretty late. I’m writing this right before the fifth episode is supposed to air. School is a beast but it’s good since I’ve recently heard that I get a month off for Christmas Break! Yay!

I also want to say that this month(November) is National Novel Writing Month and I’m participating this year. So in order to put the most time into writing, all my reviews this month will be shorter reviews.

I’m really sorry. I really like my reviewing style. It makes me feel like I’m watching the episode with you guys. However I really want to finish my novel. I’ve written pretty much 5 novels but never finished any of them completely. I want to finally finish at least one of them. So please bear with my selfishness for a month.

So now that’s taken care of let’s start the review.

So we start off this episode with this…


He must be inheriting the bone fetish of Sakurako…

So looking for some fresh air and a little trip after his f inals, Sakurako takes him to Touma for a little trip. What could go wrong?


I said wrong! Not very very right!


See that’s wrong!

So they find another body around in the park and Sakurako’s got to gush over it and explain all the stuff that’s it does for the parasites and animals of the area.

All while she’s going on and on about the circle of life, Sho calls the cops to report another dead body.

Oh looks like the same officer too.


So Sakurako tries to offer her opinion on the corpse but they aren’t trying to listen to her because she’s interfering and sounds kinda arrogant…well she kinda is but she’s so adorable too

So they head back home and when Sho goes up to Sakurako’s office to check on her after not getting any stuff to take again. It seems like she’s ignoring him but she’s actually focusing on rebuilding a skeleton.

So once she focuses on him, they actually start talking about her dead brother, Soutaro.

And while Sakurako’s very brief about it, she talked about which shows that she at least willing to talk to Sho about it. She’ll probably reveal more when she’s ready.

So the next day we see Kougami from the school again and she’s thankful for Sho and Sakurako finding her grandmother’s body or in this case, skeleton.

She invites Sho and Sakurako over to her place for some tea and stuff. At that time she explains that the police thought that her grandmother committed suicide because she couldn’t take the burden of caring for her husband, who’s suffering from dementia and requires care all the time.

And once her grandma disappeared, caring for her grandfather fell to her family and only now is she realizing how much her grandmother had to do and it’s tough.


She looks sad and angry at the same time. However when she asks Sakurako and Sho to show her where her grandmother died, all that is blown away.

There Sakurako explains that her grandmother didn’t go there to die but to remind herself why she needs to live. It was the place that her husband painted a beautiful painting and it was a place with a beautiful view of the area.

And with that Kougami smiles and says the view really is beautiful and with that the episode ends.


That was a just a great ending. I really like Kougami’s smile.

Now let’s head to the next episode.

Until the next review,
Later Days!

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