Hey Everyone. It’s Deven and we’ve finally got Okeanos!

So I thought that it’d be a good opportunity to tell you about my journey through the story as well as some of the buffs that happened to the game when Okeanos came out.

First the trailer!

You have to just love the opening song, Colors by Maaya Sakamoto.

So my team was this for Okeanos

Front Row
Archer Atalanta Lv 70 with Puchi Devil

Assassin Hassan Lv 55 with Be Elegant

Caster Support Zhuge Liang(Waver Velvet)


Back Row
Caster Elizabeth Bathory Lv 52 with Projection Magic

Caster Hans Christian Anderson Lv 45 with Projection Magic

Berserker Hercules Lv 62 with Imaginary Numbers Magecraft

Now in the Okeanos Update, Quick Cards and their ability to create crit stars were buffed. They used to be only get around 20 stars max if you ran a full crit team. However even running one Assassin will get you at least 20 or even 30 stars on average.

So basically crit teams have just became useable and I intended to take advantage of it.

So the first big battle was a battle against Rider Francis Drake and she wasn’t much for me. Then again I had an Assassin and I stabbed the crap out of her with Hassan’s Zabaniya.


So she joined the party but I didn’t really use her much unless I had to fight against Caster Medea Lily.


She’s adorable.

The main reason that I didn’t bring in Francis Drake is because Riders in general have higher crit weights than Archers. The main reason I run an Archer, Assassin, and Caster because I can get the stars to go to Atalanta without having to use the Executor of Seals in order to force them to go to her.

So I didn’t have much trouble after this. My Crit Queen, Atalanta, killed Asterios and Erik Bloodaxe without any trouble.

It wasn’t until I had to fight against Hector did I have some trouble.


He looks like someone’s chill as heck uncle. As your servant he’d be half decent but controlled by the AI, he’s as broken as those Assassin Ghosts. He can spam Stun and NP decrease like no one’s business! And I didn’t have a Saber on my team!

So I had to use my Command Spells and switch to my other team just to kill him.

Front Row
Saber Siegfried Lv 60 with Verdant Sound of Destruction

Saber Chevalier D’Eon Lv 60 with Maid in Halloween

Cu Chulain Lv 60 with Kaleidoscope

Back Row
Berserker Hercules Lv 62 with Imaginary Numbers Magecraft

Berserker Kiyohime Lv 42 with Halloween Petite Devil

Berserker Support Sakata Kintoki Lv 80


When I want something dead, I kill it good and dead.

So predictably I own the crap out of Hector and move on. I didn’t really have any other problems until the Hercules fights.

Yes you have to fight Hercules three times in Okeanos. Mostly because he’s protecting Medea Lily. He’s always got to protect the loli…I switched my Berserkers to the front and if they died then I outlasted them with my more offensive defense team.

And he died but never fell. Just like how he protected Illya.

As I beat him we end the game with a fight against Flauros and Medea Lily. Now this was a big moment where I wanted to be able to understand the story since I wanted to know how the hell did Medea Lily end up fighting alongside a freaking demon.

So I was lucky that I knew about this ahead of time. Now Flauros is weak against the Four Horsemen classes(Caster, Assassin, and Rider), so I pulled out this team. I didn’t really plan it well.

Caster Medea Lv 60 with Projection Magic

Caster Hans Lv. 45 with Projection Magic

Assassin Hassan Lv 55 with Imaginary Around

Rider Ushiwakamaru Lv 30 with Verdant Sound of Destruction

Story Support Rider Francis Drake Lv 48

Caster Elizabeth Bathory Lv. 52 with Heaven’s Feel

Even though I pulled out this team, I barely managed to win thanks to Hans’s healing. Then again I made the mistake of killing Medea Lily first instead of Flauros.

But I managed to pull it off and I got David as my reward for saving Okeanos!

All in all, I liked Okeanos. After weeks of just farming and occasional events where I was challenged, Okeanos was a good challenge.

And the farming is even better here and I love it. It’s going to be a lot easier than the other places.

I think I”m going to a post showing off all my Servants and Craft Essenses so you can look forward to that.

I’m also going to do a guide on how to get Saint Quartz which is awesome. I did the same thing for LLSIF so I think I should do it for Fate/Grand Order.

So that’s all for this post.

So until the next quest,
Later Days!
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