Just like in Bleach(Are we still in Soul Society? Are we still in Mexico aka Hueco Mundo), we that love Fairy Tail have our own thing. Is Face still counting down?

So Face still counting down.

So as the battle between Igneel and Acnologia begins, all the members of Fairy Tail and even Tartarus can only watch.

They can do nothing but watch in the greatness.

But these dragons present a certain inference in Mard Geer’s plan and he isn’t about that life.

We move to Natsu, who must have some type of listening problem, jets himself up to Igneel to demand answers to his questions.

But we don’t have time for this! At least that’s what Igneel says especially since he’s fighting the King of the Dragons right now.

So being the clever parent, he gives Natsu a job. Get back the book of END without opening it or destroying and give it to him. And his reward will be the answer to all his questions.

So Igneel throws Natsu at Mard Geer and the battle between Natsu and Mard Geer begins.

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Good start.

So because he’s so chill, Mard Geer apparently has the time to chat with Kyoka while he’s fighting Natsu. Mard Geer is the most chill demon ever. Not a thing fazes him.

He tells her to do a Organic Link Magic with the Face Lacrima and accelerate the countdown so they can gain their victory. Only problem is that Kyoka would die.

But she says in order to fulfill Tartarus’s goal, she’d gladly die after all everything’s for Zeref.

So Kyoka connects to the lacrima and then goes into her full powered Etherious Form and begins the final part of her battle with Erza.


And with Kyoka dealing a deadly first blow, the episode ends.

Pretty good episode in my opinion. However things are about to get as they say ‘Because she’s Erza ‘ on us. Don’t get me wrong I love Erza, one of the best females in anime. She’s never been a jobber or someone that just sits around looking pretty. She’s always in the fight but some of the ways that her fights end…

Yeah. I’m more concerned about Natsu’s fight.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

Extra Pic


Zero-chan Link

Best couple reading in the sunshine. Poor Gajeel doesn’t like books. You picked the wrong girlfriend. I get my Zero-chan not Pixiv.

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