Sakurako cannot fail to be awesome. Easily one of the best anime this season.

So in Deven News, I’m doing half decently at NaNo, about 9K words. However I’m writing this on Tuesday the 10th of November so I consider myself a bit behind. However I only need to write two more posts today and then I’ll be good until Wednesday so that’s good right?

So let’s get down to the review.

Once again Sakurako proves that she is best girl this season with her good looks and clever insight into situations.


Looking into it Sakurako is about to see that Fujioka’s curse is no more than a few things that are set up against him.

First the so called ‘Cursed Painting’.

First and make sure to do this with your own paintings at least every so often, is that she checks behind the painting for mold.


See turns out that the so called curse painting was painted with a type of arsenic based paint called Sheele’s Green which will, if left unchecked, will make the mold that releases Dietyl Arsine gas which is intensly dangerous to people to breathe in.

So she ‘lifts’ his so called curse by opening the windows and getting some light in this dark house so to get some ease in the situation. However something’s off Fujioka just doesn’t seem happy about it.

So after his painting curse is lifted, he goes off to smoke his last cigarette. I just don’t get it. Why would you smoke a cigarette when you just been breathing in deadly mold for the last few weeks? Maybe he sees no difference?

However things for Sakurako just don’t seem right.


Things just don’t seem to add up for Sakurako and then she figures it out.


He was using all of his data and research as well as taking in a cursed painting and dog in order to hide the fact that he was going to commit suicide.

Why? Mostly because he was getting deep into debt in the stock market and thinks the last thing he can do for his family is provide for them in death. That’s just disgustingly selfish.

How selfish is it for that little girl to grow up without her father? How selfish is to make your wife, family, and friends mourn you?

And his wife agrees with Sakurako.

So they call the ambulance but because of an illegally parked car by a suspicious guy.


They have to go all the way around but Utsemi isn’t going to let his friend die so he ends up carrying him to the ambulance.

Then we go the credits but the kicker is after credits where we see everyone having a nice little chat in the beautiful summer weather.

Things are going nice. Fujioka’s doing well, he’s got a new job, and Sakurako’s adopted their dog, Hector.

However Sakurako’s still wondering about the person that told Fujioka that the painting was safe but things are moving forward and we’ll probably learn about that person later.

Also Sakurako is cute in her little sundress and hat.

A woman in a sundress is always good.

So that’s all I’ve got for this review. Sakurako is best girl and the anime never stops being good.

So until the next Episode,
Later Days

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Sakurako sure loves her Cherry Blossom Trees. Usually my links are from Zero-chan but they didn’t have anything good so I’m going to use Pixiv….I thought I was a loyalist…

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