Sakurako in a skirt and being cute. And a good mystery? These are the reasons that I watch this show!

So we have a nice little episode here that’s setting up for not only the next episodes but we’re learning more about Sakurako.

So Sho, being the nice guy that he is, invites Sakurako to his school’s festival.


Aww she wore a skirt.

So Sho’s class is running a maid cafe but instead being a maid cafe it’s more of a butler cafe.

Very handsome of them.

So Sakurako orders some pancakes and she just looks adorable right there.


However she looks like she isn’t the type to stay around.


She’s got no loyalty. Left without even saying goodbye…

However Sho knows where she is…


She’s checking the bones out and she’s not happy that they aren’t being properly taken care of so she takes it out on the incoming Isozaki-sensei. Just came in at the wrong time dude.

So Isozaki does Sakurako a favor and offers the job of organizing a room of unorganized bones left by a former teacher.

She’s good for it but she wants three pumpkin Mont Blanc in exchange. Sounds good!

However things go bad to worst quick.

During the organization, they come across the bones of a dog and a cat. Sho’s a bit uncomfortable with them because of their status as pets. However Sakurako’s completely relaxed with it to the point where she autopsied her own cat.

This definitely shocks Sho who once again comes to terms with how different Sakurako is from most people. However that isn’t the entire case with her. She isn’t entirely heartless.

Would a little girl that didn’t love her cat do this?


Also they find the bones of a young woman named Sone Natsuko and that brings the police into the mix. Tragically best girl isn’t called on to the case so they go home.

The next day Sho goes to school and notices that the cat skeleton that they cataloged yesterday is missing. As he figures this out, he can’t help but wonder if he hurt Sakurako by implying that she didn’t care about her cat, Ulna.

And we end the episode with Sakurako at some hospital asking to take on her uncle’s last case.

Seems like a good episode. The cute Sakurako parts really got me but it felt like it was missing something. The good thing about Sakurako is that it comes back on the second part of the ‘To Be Continued’s

So until the episode,
Later Days

Extra Pic


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Sakurako sure loves her Cherry Blossom Trees. Usually my links are from Zero-chan but they didn’t have anything good so I’m going to use Pixiv….I thought I was a loyalist…

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