Gray you were like Zoro. Just wandering around hoping that you’ll find the fight.

So we start off the episode with Makarov telling everyone to return to the guild so he can use Lumen Histoire but he also makes sure to tell Doranbolt to make sure to wipe everyone’s memories of it afterwards.

Meanwhile we switch back to Natsu, Sting, and Rogue where they’re getting a lesson in humility trying to fight Mard Geer.

We get a quick recap of the fight between Erza and Kyoka and we go back to the good fight.

Mard Geer then explains why they’re doing everything to release END.

See turns out that Tartarus doesn’t want to just return to Zeref so they can catch up and shoot the breeze they want to kill him.

Hmm Zeref wants to die anyway so it fits.

So with that Mard Geer goes in for the kill but then Gray finally shows up and goes in.

Very good on his side.

However being a good villain, Mard Geer’s got a few backup plans.

Here’s the first one.


Oh I guess they fixed that hole in his chest.

And there goes Jiemma, dropping in like a demon Kool Aid man…so he starts fighting against Sting and Rogue.

That brings it down to Natsu and Gray vs. Mard Geer and that’s where Mard Geer brings out his second backup plan.

Fools this isn’t even his final form!

And Mard Geer transforms into his Etherious form and stars going in.

And with that episode ends.

Looks like a pretty good episode. There’s nothing like a good fight in Fairy Tail.

Well it looks like we’re getting pretty close to the end of the arc and I can’t wait.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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