Another episode of Sakurako. Another episode of greatness. It’s natural.

So this episode of Sakurako is a continuation of last week’s and it’s a good one.

So while at school, Sho sees a few of Sasaki-sensei’s last personal effects and takes it upon himself to deliver them.


Eh you could just mail them but Sho is a respectful young man.


Not so respectful where he doesn’t ask Sakurako for a ride to Sasaki-sensei’s last living relative.

During the car ride, however, Sho does ask about the rift that has seemed to have formed between them after the cat bones incident at the school last episode.

Yet when asked about it, all she says is that she’s simply tired. That has to be a lie. That picture last episode proved it. She cared about her cats and what Sho said really hurt her.

And also during the conversation, Sakurako brushes off talking about the stolen cat bones. She totally stole them. But it doesn’t make sense. She’s got a cat’s bones with her cat Ulna. Why would she steal another one?

So we reach Sayuki Haruma’s place where Sho and Sakurako hand over the effects and in addition she also tells them more about Natsuko Sone.

Natsuko later had a baby out of wedlock and which died soon after. Sayuki hoped that the bones of the baby where also there but sadly they weren’t.

However Sakurako is able to see a few holes in the story after she is able to deduce where the baby was buried. Namely the baby that died was not Natsuko’s but hers.

After that Sakurako and Sho leave but as they drive back, Sho asks why did Sasaki-sensei, who loved Natsuko, marry her. Mostly it was because he figured them to be half siblings which make sense under the situation that Natsuko joined his family.

It may not have been 100% true but it’s something that he thought was and believed to his death.

And Sakurako remarks that they is often more than one truth to believe in.

Sho goes back to Sayuki and gives her the poem that Sasaki and Natsuko loved so much. And at that moment this happens.


She, in Sho’s eyes, changes in back into a teenager and she grieves and begs for her best friend’s forgiveness but at the end she’s happy despite that.

Before the show wraps itself up nicely, Sho figure out one more thing. The Ulna bone in the arm is part of a pair and the other one is the Radius.

And the cat bones that Sakurako stole were indeed her cat, Radius. When she was a child, someone poisoned her two cats.

Sakurako, who went to the same school as Sho before it went co-ed, went to Sasaki sensei and he helped her with the autospy and with the bones preservation.

She hid taking the bones from Sho, thinking he wouldn’t understand but in that he does understand. And it draws the two of them closer.

And the episode ends with Sho and Sakurako starting to put Radius back together.

A very good episode. So many mysteries tied up and done. It’s almost a pity that Sakurako-san will end this season. I want it to go on forever.

But tragically it can’t but until the next episode,
Later Days

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