This is how you set up a finale!

I want to say sorry for this getting out so late. I was enjoying my winter vacation too much. Been marathoning anime and shows like no one’s business. I watched RWBY, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Rakudai, three top tier shows and not an hour regretted at all.

So I’m back.

So the first part of this double review is episode 10 where after a little bone expedition with Isozaki-sensei, Sho and Sakurako find out that one of Isozaki’s former students Hitoe has disappeared. She along with her friends Minami and Futaba were in Isozaki’s homeroom class until Futaba disappared.

Ah so that was the girl who disappared at the end of the episode.

So being somewhat nice, Sakurako offers to give Isozaki a lift to her the girl’s parents’ place but she’s really there so she can look into the case with Sho.

Sakurako with unpure intentions? Perish the thought….:P

So while Isozaki’s trying to talk with Hitoe’s family, Sakurako asks questions and comments on their lack of knowledge or even involvement in their daughter’s life.

And after looking at a few things around her room, Sakurako is able to see that Hitoe was intending to be gone for a long time since she took a second phone battery and a few days of clothes.

After one more look of disgust at Hitoe’s parents, Sakurako and Co leaves and head over to the other lost girl’s house, Minami’s house. We end up finding out that she too is gone missing and once again we have a group of parents that don’t really care about their children.

As they talk to her mother they see the picture that Minami had modeled for and her mother tells them that she modeled for some type of picture for some type of artist. And it comes together that both Minami and Hitoe were taken in by this artist and away from their horrible and uncaring homes.

As Sakurako checks around Minami’s room she finds receipts for a particular restaurant and on a guess heads there and ends up finding Minami, clearly exhausted and traumatized by what ever happened to her. However she isn’t giving anything up so easily.

However after a meal from Gran and some sleep maybe she’ll be more open. And that episode ends there.

The next episode 11 is pretty good but tragically simple.

After eating, getting some good sleep, and a small nightmare about her past, Minami is more receptive to Sakurako.

They head to a cabin in the woods with Hector, Sakurako’s dog, only to find Hitoe, covered in Lethe Diane which are butterflies are come around dead bodies.


But don’t worry she’s still alive but the dog’s dead. NOOO! The Dog! Anyway…Hector barks outside and ends up digging up some bones but not just any bones…it’s Futaba’s bones, the girl who disappeared.

Isozaki just about loses it. He has this insane look in his eyes.


But then Sakurako just goes in on Hitoe and Minami and this is where Sakurako scares me a lot. She’s so casual with it and her eyes widened and frightening the crap out of those girls.

Eventually she pushed the girls to tell the truth and not the truth that Minami believes. Hitoe tells the truth.

The three of them were good friends and managed to find this place where they can be themselves without any filter and get away from their uncaring families.

However Futaba wanted them to enter into a suicide pact so they won’t have the pain of having their happiness end. Minami runs away in fear of it. While she’s gone, Futaba threatens to kill Hitoe then kill herself.

When it comes to that, Hitoe ends up strangling Futaba and hanging her on a low branch as Minami returns. And together Minami and Hitoe bury Futaba and gradually their friendship fall apart.

Isozaki breaks down and apologizes to both girls about being unable to see that something was wrong.

Then Hanabusa came into Minami’s lonely life who manipulated the young girl and soon pulled in her friend as well. The situation is so tense and neither girl wants to accept it and it turns out that Minami had herself a knife and tries to stab Sakurako only for Sho to catch the knife in his side.

Seeing something this makes Sakurako see the risks of having Sho in her life and tells him not to come around her anymore as she prepares to face Hanabusa by herself.

Pretty good episodes in my opinion. One big thing about Sakurako is dealing with the dark sides of humanity.

So we’re coming up on the ending of the series and I’m curious about how it ends.

Until the next episode,
Later Days

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