This is going to be a short one and I’m going to be quick with this one.

Usually I never do a short review for a finale but I’m very behind and Shojo-tachi wa Koya o Mezasu and Fairy Tail Zero are coming soon so I need to have my backlog cleared.

So this episode goes what happens after the events of the last episode: What Sho wants to after Sakurako cuts him off from her world.



He’s walking around the city, bored as heck and he’s not really even talking with his friends.

I kinda consider it ironic seeing as he always complained a bit about Sakurako’s habits and some of the things that she did, Sho still misses Sakurako and can’t find a way to fill his time without her.

During this episode, we see Sho and Sakurako’s first case together and once again Sakurako’s ability to reach into the parts of people’s hearts that they try to repress.

With our ‘client’ I guess Yachi, she as a kid killed her father to protect her mother. At the time, she must have repressed it but as an adult especially now as an elderly woman these feelings and regrets are coming back. And it’s thanks to Sakurako that she is able to at least let these feelings out.

As Sho finishes with his memories he comes to the conclusion that he needs Sakurako in his life and he storms onto her property and basically tells her how he wants to still be in her life.

However she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Hanabusa is someone that she doesn’t want him to deal with. He’ll be merciless and the last thing she wants him to die.

His response something to be respected. He understands the risks but he doesn’t want to be trapped in time unable to move forward because of regrets.

I’m guessing despite Sho’s protests sometimes, he has some type of romantic feelings for Sakurako despite the age difference ie. Sho’s about 16 or 17 and Sakurako’s about 25 or so. She definitely sees him as more than just a friend but not romantically seeing as she’s nearly a decade older. Then again he’s pretty much the only guy we see her with despite being informed that she has a fiancee. We hear about him but we don’t see him…just saying.

Anyway Sakurako accepts Sho’s determination and accepts him back in the group and even calls out to Gran to make something for Sho’s return.

And as the episode ends we see Hanabusa who made this painting.


I’m not a psychology major but even I can see what this means.

‘Bring it on’

And with that Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru ends.

It was a pretty good anime and it was definitely carried by Sakurako. Some people have thought that cliffhanger at the end of the season was ‘Wait for Season 2 or go and buy the source material’.

I personally didn’t see that way. It’s the art of the mystery. A mystery moves itself forward by the unknown and the cliffhanger. It’s the drive to find out more that is a mystery’s appeal. That being said, an anime doesn’t have that luxury. You need to tell a good story and have it end well or people are going get ticked off.

I’m just saying each has its merits and sometimes mysteries need to have a conclusive end when they’re adapted into anime. Just me though.

I’m giving Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru a 10 out of 10. Normally with a fair amount of people in the cast, you’d wonder if they’d all get some character development but each arc adds a good chunk to each side character’s past. Personally I think this is one of good ones of the Fall Season.

So that’s all I’ve got here. Make sure to come around for my reviews of Fairy Tail Zero and Shojo-tachi wa Koya o Mezasu.

So until the next season,
Later Days

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