I’ve found a potential best girl which is pretty hard since Mai Kawakami is adorable. How many girls you know bounce their way to victory?

So welcome to the new Winter Season and let’s start it off right!

So we start it off with some theater. Ah the theater. A place of refinement and joy and apparently girl’s love?

Note: I’m using Seketsu’s subs of it and they’re using the 720p version of it. I feel like a freaking casual using 720p. It’s been a long time since I did that. Ah I remember when I used do my reviews with 480p…dark days…dark days my friends.

Kana Hanazawa always gets the cool and genki parts it seems. Other than you know Plutia in Neptunia…and Iris Heart…sexy but frightening…

But there’s someone that just doesn’t want to smile at the beauty of a yuri play.


She’s cute. A lot of my friends on Twitter have been comparing her to a combination of Utaha Kasumigaoka, Yozora Mikazuchi, and Yukino Yukinoshita. Never seen Yahari but I can see the resemblance in Utaha and Yozora more towards in terms of personality though.

So we move to our protagonist, Bunta, walking out of the school theater and talking about Yuuka’s, the girl on the stage, performance.

I’m probably going to switch out the pictures once I can get some 1080p version but still I don’t like this.


See! If you’re watching anime, you’d know what Yuri is! I know Hulu is trying to market anime to an audience that doesn’t know all the terms but still!

Anyway Atomu talks about how Bunta, who wrote the script, is a pretty good writer but Bunta says it’s not him since he just adapted it from the original work. So basically he turned some book into a play. Still something to be proud of. It’s hard to translate something between media even if it’s just a book to a play.

So after the opening song we move to afterschool where Bunta goes to his part time job to which looks like some type of ramen shop I think. Either that or some type of general Japanese food place. Hey don’t look at me. I’m not a master of Japanese establishments…


So the place starts to get busy and after only a literal scene of the place being packed we switch over to the place being empty and then Bunta goes home. Well…that was borderline pointless. It wasn’t because now we know he’s got a job but we didn’t spend much time there for it to matter.

But as Bunta walks home he gets another glimspe of Sayuki.


So after Bunta gets home after a long day he’s ready for a meal and some relaxing but he just can’t get it.


They come over because they just can’t stay away and Yuuka has to be genki and adorable so she does the only natural thing for her.

She glomps him.


I’ve already grown to love her. Kana Hana added to the love.

And she runs into good old Bunta’s apartment and starts raiding the fridge and cabinets for foods and snacks to munch on. That girl’s a bro. I don’t care if she’s a girl she’s a bro.

So they head up to the roof and it pretty much turns into a low key party.


She’s like the little sister I never had. Then I remember I have a godsister but eh she’s not blood related.

And on a completely unrelated note…who the hell puts Mayo on their fries?! Still Yuuka’s adorable.

And their conversation turns to the play that Yuuka was in earlier today. And she gets all blushed before she somehow gets drunk on soda…can I have some that?

And as the party moves to go back inside Yuuka stays outside and ends up taking a nap but not before she says this.

vlcsnap-2016-01-07-22h50m12s435 vlcsnap-2016-01-07-22h50m18s252

I have a feeling this is going to be important later.

So then Atomu comes back out and comments on Yuuka being asleep also Bunta’s pretty good since he put his jacket on Yuuka. Points from me.

So Atomu talks about their career planning forms and he has no idea what to write but Bunta noticeably freezes up on it as if he has no idea what to do.


Relax man. I know this comes from an American but you don’t need to find out exactly what you want to do in high school.

I know the pressure is different in Japan but going into something that you hate but makes good money will make you hate yourself. You’ll also have a lot of regrets.

Heck in high school I wanted to be a lawyer then you know what my first job was? Working in a daycare as a janitor, then at a summer camp as a counselor, then at a library as a page twice, then finally I’m here at school studying to be a computer programmer while working in another library. Maybe I should be a librarian…nah.

So we move to the next day where we see this argument.


Cute red head with a nice low voice. very nice.

So the argument’s about some student council papers that need to be organized by year, class, and seat number but it looks like they’ve only been organized by year. However Bunta’s pretty nice and offers to help and soon the whole class is helping out.

And it looks like Sayuki was there too checking things out. What does she want?

So Bunta decides to go to the bathroom, just relaxing and washing his hands and then Sayuki appears, comes in and asks him out on a date…

Someone’s direct and I love it.

Then when he gets home, he talks with Yuuka and Atomu and they ask a younger classmate of Yuuka’s called the Bitch Queen…I’m not making this up…about what Sayuki’s planning.

The kohai basically says that’s she might be scouting him out for a second impression to see how he is outside of school.

She gives nice advice in easy and relaxed manner so why is she called a Bitch Queen?

vlcsnap-2016-01-07-23h31m38s410 vlcsnap-2016-01-07-23h31m40s499

So now you tell me they hide themselves?! I thought I knew it all…the world keeps changing…

So with that we head to the next day and Sayuki is cute in all black.


Some girls can pull off all black. Sayuki is one of them.

So the date goes on while Atomu and Yuuka watch from the distance while the date goes, Sayuki does stuff like ‘Ah yes, as expected of Honjo-kun.’ like he’s getting flags in a dating game and she’s congratulating him.

So as the date ends she takes him to Akiba and shows him some dating games ie. bishojo games. She shows him two stacks.

One stack costs 500 yen or about 4 dollars

And the other stack costs about 8800 or about 75 dollars

And she even comments that a lot of game writers end up becoming light novelists, anime writers, video game script writers, and such.

As to why she’s telling him this?

She wants to make a game! And I’m all for it!

And with that the episode ends. It started off a bit slow but it was a nice relaxing pace. Sayuki and Yuuka really made the episode. It looks like I’m going to like this anime a lot.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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