What was that Satelight? You almost faked the heck out of me!

So we start this episode with Natsu and Happy and I’m not going to lie when I first saw that I was like ‘Are we skipping Fairy Tail Zero, Satelight you liars!’ and then things finally get started.

So Natsu and Happy are walking around, wondering what they’re going to do for their training before Happy gets the idea to train on Tenrou Island.


And after getting lost a few times and finding signs of the civilization that used to be there, they find Mavis’s grave and ask that she watch over them as they do their training. And with that we leave Natsu and Happy behind and start with Mavis.

We go back in the past to the year x679 with an adorable as heck Mavis as a little 6 year old.


However then it turns into a lesson on how to abuse young kids really fast. Like ten seconds later.

So we see Jezelf, the guild master of the Red Lizard guild which is the guild that Mavis is endebted to, and he throws down the book she’s reading and burns it. Bro where is your chill?

But despite being treated like crap and even having her shoes taken off her feet just to give to his daughter, Zera, Mavis doesn’t cry. Because if she does then she won’t be able to meet the fairies that she was told about by her parents before they died.

So she deals with all her work and all the things that the members of Red Lizard do to her.

So one day Jezelf orders Mavis to deliver Zera’s lunch to her and as she manages to get there in time, Zera promptly boots her out and tells her to go back home. No thanks and no appreciation…

So as she goes home, Mavis takes a small break underneath a tree which is ironically the tree where Grimoire Heart member Azuma fought Wendy and Mest during the Tenrou Island Arc.

Once she wakes up, she realizes that it’s dark and flares are going up. As she goes back to the guild she realizes that Red Lizard is being attacked by the guild called Blue Skull. As Mavis watches the fighting, it becomes painfully obvious that Red Lizard has lost this fight.

As Mavis moves to run, she finds Zera trapped under some rubble and manages to pull her out. The two little girls run into the forest and as they run Zera asks if they could still be friends even after everything she’s done to Mavis. Mavis says of course but before she can even turn around she sees Zera collaspe on the ground.

And then you see this little girl, no more than 6 years old, just break down crying since her only friend and her entire life up until that point has been destroyed.


And this is one of the reasons that the Magic Council is so strict. You don’t just randomly make laws before a situation happens. It’d be great but it rarely happens. Most laws are just rule patches to prevent someone from doing something again.

The main reason that guilds in the modern day of Fairy Tail aren’t declaring war on each other left and right is because of the slaughter that happened in Mavis’s age.

Anyway we move forward and we do a 7 year time skip.

And we meet these three men,

Warron, the future member of Four Kings of Ishgar


Precht, second guild master of Fairy Tail and Master of Grimoire Heart


And finally Yury, the father of Makarov…yeah he doesn’t get all the cool titles the others do…


And the episode ends with Mavis saying that fate was set in motion that day for the Fairy Tail Guild to be founded.

A pretty good episode. Mamiko Noto is one of my favorite seiyuu for a reason. I can’t wait until the next episode when they do the game.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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No matter what Mavis can keep smiling.

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