Ah an episode about the wall. I know the wall well. We are quite close.

So hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t been posting lately but school is indeed hell and I’m trying to put my all into it. I haven’t been doing good in Math and I need every second of studying and practice I can.

But enough of that and let’s get back to the reviews.

So we start this episode with Bunta with Writer’s Block or what I call the ‘Wall’.


Now I also want to say that this episode is divided into two parts each dealing with a different part of writer’s block. This is the first part clearly.

So Bunta can’t seem to get anything started with his writing but it’s not until Sayuki tells him that she can’t order in the backgrounds or the music until he finishes the script does he finally get down to business. Yay!

And he gets in the entire script down in 3 days. Wow bro. If I could write a full script in three days I’d be done with my novel.

However it’s missing something…

It’s just pretty good? That’s the hell word of being an author. We don’t want it to be ‘pretty good’ we want it to be ‘Stay up all night and you know you’ve got to go to work tomorrow’ good.

So as the group tells Bunta that his character’s aren’t very strong, he ponders what it takes to give them that strength. Strong characters are characters that we forget that they are in fact characters. They have a life and heart to them. Without that that you have nothing.

So sensing that Bunta needs a lift, Sayuki takes him to a coffee shop. So that’s your solution Sayuki-chan? Dope him up with Caffeine?


Nope, turns out she’s taking him to meet up with a professional scenario writer.

So Bunta immediately asks how to get pass writer’s block and after a few teasing answers about deadlines he says this.


Exactly! This is one of the forms of Writer’s Block, Doubt. Simply put when you read your writing over again and feel that it’s clunky or cliche, keep going. Mostly for two reasons.

1. You can always edit written words but you can’t edit nothing.
2. Your writing will look better with distance so keep moving forward

And that’s what I have to say. As for Bunta figuring out his weakness in his characters, he finds that characters are simply no different than people. They don’t exist just within the confines of the story and then stop when the story ends.

And he gives his characters life by going into them deeper and it shows.

Looks like he managed to fix it but I’d like to see him work on more drafts though.


Now we move to the other half the episode and the second half of the wall.

We have our darling, Yuuki here and she keeps drawing and making awesome little sketches of the characters.


However she keeps getting more and more tired. How much have you slept?


Sounds like a college student…

But to be serious, she hits her wall just like Bunta. However unlike Bunta who could power through his, Yuuki’s different.

She becomes unable to draw mentally not physical. I guess she can’t bring together the idea of what she wants on the paper.


And that’s the other half of writer’s block, Burnout.

It’s fine to do all nighters once in a while for a paper or a book. In fact I live by them in the summer and during winter break once I get on a roll writing-wise. However, don’t do them every night. You’ll burn out and be unable to think at all.

And that’s what happening to Yuuki and happens to the point that her health takes a plunge and she ends up taking a day off from school.


However what happens after is a bit worse. She took the day off school but she comes to the club to start working on more sketches. Poor girl. Just take a break. You need it and it will make you more productive.

And that’s a big weakness about deadlines and creative work in general. Unless you plan time for breaks, you’ll end up having to work right up until the second before your deadline. And that will drive you crazy.



And she tries to draw some characters on the whiteboard before she passes out.


Yuuka takes her to the nurse’s office while Bunta, Sayuki, Teruha, and Atomu figure out what to do next. They’re all pretty much together on letting Yuuki rest but the big part is making her see that.

She’s just so eager to please that she’ll work herself right into the ground. And that’s something that Bunta comments on.

So Sayuki comes up with a plan while they’re in the nurse’s office with Yuuka and Yuuki. If they cut a few scenes from the script that will reduce the amount of CG that Yuuki has to draw so they can keep within the deadline and let Yuuki get some rest.

Good Job Sayuki and they say that she’s heartless like Yukino Yukinoshita

However at that moment, Yuuki begs them not to cut any scenes since the art is the most important part of the game and she wants to do her best and she doesn’t want to be the reason that the project fails.

But Sayuki tells her that it’s the decision she’s made after weighing all the options. And she tells Yuuki to get some rest.

And as the episode ends and the credits roll, the group celebrates Yuuki’s return.

A pretty good episode that shows the two major types of writer’s block. It’s definitely something that happens a lot to anyone in the creative field.

So that’s all I’ve got for the episode.

So until next episode,
Later Days

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