Sorry for being so late on this but it’s here now!

So I’ve finally gotten some time to myself in order to get some review writing done and I’m going to use it!

So since I’m so far behind with Fairy Tail Zero I’m just going to do a top five favorite moments instead.

Let’s start the countdown!

5. Zeref Appears

Ah my man Zeref. So epically evil. But not here.

Here Zeref is pretty chill. All he wants is some peace and quiet so he won’t hurt anyone with his Death Magic.

However Mavis shows him some kindness that he hasn’t seen in century.


And she did this for a person that she didn’t even know personally. All Mavis knew about Zeref was the things written about him in history which make him out to be a bad guy. It’s true but he’s not a bad person at heart. So to give him this gesture made a world of a difference to him.

4. Mavis’s Savagery

Mavis is an utter savage when Yuri and his group come on the Tenrou Island and nothing shows it better than their game.

First Mavis gets him right before the game even starts.


Ah best Fairy Tail loli. There aren’t a lot of them but the ones we do have are awesome.

Then she gets him twice more.

Mavis girl where is your chill? Give the guy a chance.

3. Invocation of Law

The Three Fairy Magics are Fairy Sphere, Fairy Glitter, and Fairy Law.

Now we see where Fairy Law comes from and it is epic of epic.


So beautiful…a tear is coming to my eye.

2. Zeira

Just Zeira in general. Not any particular moment but if I had to put one or even two down, it would be her death at the beginning of the anime and her disappearance at the end.

Zeira was probably, other than Mavis, one of the more interesting characters. We didn’t see much of Warrod or Pretch and Yuri had his moment when he talked with Mavis about Zeira.

However I think that just Zeira’s existence speaks volumes. That Mavis was going to be so lonely that she made an imaginary friend to talk with and live with for 10 years just so she wouldn’t be alone. That’s a lot and she never noticed that Zeira wasn’t real.

That says a lot about her.

1. The Building of the Fairy Tail Guild Hall

Just this scene man, knowing everything that’s going to happen here. How many bonds will be made, how many lost children will find homes, and how many people will find hope where there wasn’t any.

And the finale was seeing Zeira and her disappearing, proving that Mavis needed her for that moment in time but now she’s strong enough to keep going without her.

And that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this little Top Five. I’ll do the next two reviews as normal.

So until the next review,
Later Days!

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