So I got really behind in this anime so I decided to do a summary post and my thoughts. Most important I’ll put a little comparison between Shojo-tachi and Saekano.

So let’s start.

Episode 7

So this episode is basically how Bunta’s got a bit of writer’s block in terms of the romantic relationship between the protagonist and the female lead. So the girls help him out.

It’s pretty funny but Ando’s is kinda weird though.

At the end, the date that helps Bunta the most and the one that looks the most interesting is Yuuka’s.

vlcsnap-2016-04-05-09h21m14s351 vlcsnap-2016-04-05-09h21m22s652

Pretty nice date. Too bad childhood friends rarely win in these types of anime. Sayuri will win this fight.

Episode 8

This episode is about Bunta’s lockdown. He’s got to finish the visual novel’s script in three days and the best way to do this is a complete and utter lockdown.

Not a single ounce of chill here.

But there are some cute parts…

vlcsnap-2016-04-05-09h24m55s977 vlcsnap-2016-04-05-09h24m58s796


So cute and then it gets bad…really bad…


My eyes! You could have worn a butler uniform or something!

But despite that sight, which would have blinded me and made me kill myself, Bunta finished the script!


Good work Bunta

Episode 9

This is a little boring of an episode.

It’s mostly about Yuuka’s part of her doing the voice acting for the main female lead. It’s kinda of funny that Yuuka(voiced by Kana Hanazawa, one of the most highly paid seiyuu in Japan) messing up over lines and questioning if her performance was good or not.


That’s pretty much to that episode.

Episode 10

Now this is a really bad episode here.

It’s all about another larger visual novel company named Typhoon and they challenge our group to a battle of the first day sales after Bunta throws some water on their leader after she keeps trying to poach some of the group.

That part I have no problem with. However the end is the part that really sucks. At the end it’s revealed that Sayuki lied about the game and her brother comes by and thanks them for making a game to clear his debts.

Episode 11

Another bad episode.

The group pretty much all leave Sayuki because she lied but they come back around the halfway mark, saying they want to finish what they started. Even then she lied! Come everyone.

And Ando this is the third time you walked out! Granted this is justified but it’s getting annoying now.


That makes me feel a bit better.

So the group manages to finish the game at the last minute because some of computer issues and have to hand deliver the game.

Episode 12

And the finale.

I had to say that it was okay.

It basically was celebrating the completion of the game, beating Typhoon in the contest and them saying they want to make another game.

My Thoughts on the Anime

The anime on a whole by itself was a 7. However it wasn’t my favorite thing. The ending was really bland and the drama about Sayuki lying was pointless drama at the end.

Shojo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mesazu vs. Saenai Herione no Sodatekata

The act of comparing the two is definitely difficult.

The first part that that the two stories have different drives.

Drive in stories are either one of two things:

  1. Character Driven meaning that the characters and their interactions are the focus.
  2. Plot Driven meaning that the plot and how the characters deal with it and progress towards it.

Saekano is character driven while Shojo-tachi are plot-driven.

And that is the strength of Saekano does.

Saekano makes you love the characters and the characters are someone that people can rally around and call someone best girl.

The girls from Shojo-tachi are cute and interesting but they aren’t someone that people can call a best girl or someone super interesting.

Utaha, Megumi, Eriri, and Michiru are characters that people can love.


Safebooru Source

Sayuri, Ando, Yuuka, and Yuuki are interesting but don’t have the draw that the Saekano girls do.



And that’s what makes this anime flop in terms of quality. Granted it would have been around 7 if it came out before Saekano and it would haven’t received this much criticism but it did and it is getting compared to Saekano which drives its ratings down.

In short, I’m going to give Shojo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mesazu a 6 out of 10. The characters weren’t very developed and the ending gave me a sour taste.

So with that I’m done for the Winter Season. I can’t wait to see what the Spring Season is going to bring us.

So until the spring Season,
Later Days

Extra Pic


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Sayuki Kuroda is doing a naturally sexy pose. Those stockings are high tier!

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