I find this title interesting in a multitude of ways

So the first anime of the Spring Season. Ah let’s see how it starts.

vlcsnap-2016-04-15-22h37m49s461 vlcsnap-2016-04-15-22h37m51s977

We’re starting with marriage? But I hardly know you. It’s only episode one and you’re trying to become best girl? How ambitious of you Ako.

So what’s are Protagonist-kun going to say? Yeah I picked that up from Fate/Grand Order.


Why brother? She looks cute but remember this the internet…there’s always guys pretending to be girls here. And there’s guys that use girls for the avi and have feminine names…that unfortunately is me.

Deven is a girl’s name or at least the female spelling of the male name Devon. I did not know that when I chose the name but eh it’s been there too long to change it now.

Add in the fact that I usually have either Nozomi from Love Live or Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night as my avi, I have been confused to be a girl once or twice.

So Ako, like us, is wondering why? Well let our Protagonist-kun tell you why.

Hmm not really a reason but hey it’s his answer. So should our lovely Ako accept it?


Ah this girl doesn’t understand the meaning of the word no. Is it the best in a way? I wish girls would be this aggressive in life…

So we get Lucian…

Pause. I need to explain something. In the subs and most translations, they’ll say Russian but that’s a mistranslation. It’s Lucian. The reason is that the Japanese language lacks the L sound or letter. So when names are romanized they substitute the L for an R.

For example, Lucy from Fairy Tail becomes Rushi and Luffy from One Piece becomes Rufi. The same applies here. It’s Lucian not Russian. I know the subs are going to say Russian but bear with me here.

So anyway we get a timeskip where we get Lucian fighting some orcs.


And then we see that he’s a part of a guild inside the game and this is a good old fashion guild raid.

It’s a small guild of only 4 but it’s three guys and one girl…and that girl is Ako. It’s a nice little battle and they look like they’re a good team minus Ako’s healing. Why is always the healer that sucks at their job when they do animes about MMOs?

So we move to the next day at school and we have Lucian go from Lucian to Hideki Nishimura. Hmmm this is going to a little difficult…should I call them by their in game names or by their real names? I’ll do whichever feels most appropriate.

Ooh I’ll just call them IRL what ever their in game names are.

So we go to the next day where IRL Lucian is proclaiming he’s finally got a girlfriend or rather a waifu. Turns out that Lucian IRL is a pure and open otaku.

And he’s got a tsundere that just can’t help but dislike him for some reason.

vlcsnap-2016-04-15-23h50m39s744 vlcsnap-2016-04-16-00h09m27s390

Protagonist-kun always needs to have a tsundere on his case. Check!

So after getting pwned by Akane, it’s time for a school assembly and we see that the student council prez is really hot and voiced by M.A.O even better.


Pretty cute in my opinion.

So after that Lucian heads home and logs in to the game. And we actually see the game…

vlcsnap-2016-04-16-00h11m30s862 vlcsnap-2016-04-16-00h11m35s895

First? Eh? It’s 2D and you’re playing it in windowed version?

What’s next? Does your computer need a fire to get it started? Is there a hamster in there on a wheel?

So we move in the game and Lucian gets into a fight. Wow it would be really nice to get some backup from the others right?


Nah too much like right.



This dude’s life is like a few feet away from being Kazuma levels of bad party. At least Lucian’s party(ie Schwein and Master Apricot) can do well at times but they have an annoying habit of getting distracted….

So we go to the bar where Lucian recounts to us his suffering aka why Ako is cute but a bad healer.


Healers, first to get made fun of any type of RPG/MMO.

The joke they’re making here with Lucian dying and everyone making fun of Ako is ‘When the Tank(Lucian) dies, blame the Healer(Ako)’

Just so you know it:

Lucian: Tank
Ako: Healer
Schwein: Physical DPS
Apricot: Magical DPS

Okay back to the story.

So after making fun of Apricot for being a premium player in a free to play game…darn the Whales…


Sorry again…

So after laughing a bit around, Schwein says that someone confessed to him IRL and while Lucian gets a little jealous, Ako goes full out Yandere. Not Yuno Gasai levels but enough to make a comment on it.

I’m just wondering. Who was the standard for Yandere before Yuno Gasai came into the picture. Despite being the current standard, she’s not very old anime/manga wise.

The anime(where most of the popularity comes from) is back from 2011 to 2012 since it was a two cour series. So she’s only 4 or 5 years old yet she’s become the face of yandere pretty much. Good character…where was I? Oh the review.

Immediately seeing Ako’s yandere face, Schwein backtracks faster than a guy caught in a lie and explains that he turned them down. Slick Schwein slick…

So Ako goes on a tirade about confessing and getting rejected and does this.


If she was voiced by Rie Takahashi, then I’d go Explosion! But she’s voiced by Rina Hidaka so I can only make SAO jokes or that announcer girl from Shokugeki no Soma.

Anyway after a little bit of teasing towards Ako, Lucian explains why he agreed to marry Ako even though he was originally against it.

Poor dude got hit with a G.I.R.L or Guy In Real Life…sad isn’t…

His suffering…poor guy…that’s why I think it’s a guy until I get evidence otherwise. Even my female friends on twitter of whom I have seen proof they are girls I still wonder…

Anyway after the flashback, cue the laughter which is exactly what you expect. Come on. When it ain’t happening to you, it’s funny as heck.


After that he left the guild he was with, played solo for a year, and reached the truth of the internet…


That’s the type of logic that traps live and thrive on…

And that’s his logic and he’s sticking to it.

But what if that wasn’t the case? What if she was real girl? Nah girls don’t exist on the internet…said by a guy that knows a few girls on the internet…


Sure you are…


Sounds kinda hurtful.

Anyway Ako affirms that she is indeed a girl IRL. Then Apricot says that he too is a high school girl.

Sure you all are…liars…

So with everyone confessing stuff and stuff, what do they do?


Oh that sounds nice in theory. How about you go ask anyone who’s had an awkward offline meetup how that works…

So we move to the next day and we have IRL Lucian outside and ready for the meetup.

And here’s our first arriver. Is arriver even a word? I’m using it!


Wow she is a real girl! And she’s cute!

And the reveals keep going with IRL Schwein who turns out to be Akane the tsundere from class ah the irony…


I want to take this opportunity to point out that Akane is voiced by Inori Minase, who just won’t stop being awesome after getting on her stride with Gochuumon wa Usagi Desa Ka? Not really important just want to fangirl on her.

And with this we have everyone with IRL Apricot being the Student Council Prez, Kyo.


And with that the first offline meeting of the guild starts. They move to a coffee shop where they start to talk and Ako continues to cling on to Lucian.

They move onto introductions and Kyo snarks at Akane’s choice of her in game name, seeing as Schwein means pig in German. And apparently Akane didn’t know that. Poor girl.

And as they go through the introductions turns that Ako uses her real name as her in game name. I haven’t see this for a while but the only ones that really stick out in my head right now are Yuuki and Asuna from SAO.

And as she finishes she says that she doesn’t really have any friends but all of her guildmates say they’ll be her friends IRL as well.


That’s cute. Of course Yandere Ako comes back to remind us she’s still around.

Lucian comments that someone hit on Akane IRL and then that triggers the Yandere effect.


Chill girl…

And then…


Everyone’s doing it!

So Akane explains that if she had a boyfriend it’d cut into her gaming time.


In someway I like it but it’s still weird.

With that the episode ends.

A pretty good episode. It was funny to see all the MMO and RPG references and jokes come out.

I definitely like Ako since she’s both cute and yandere at the same time.

So that’s all I’ve got for the episode.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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