Ah there’s nothing like this show. Good characters, cute designs, and interesting plot

So we start the episode the way that it ended with Nishimura talking to Nekohime in the game.


Aw isn’t she cute…but remember it’s a guy…see he remembers…


It’s hard to look at a female avatar and know that it is a guy behind it…

So they spend a little time catching up while Nishimura explains that he isn’t going to let things in the game hang him up while Nekohime says this is the first time in a while she’s logged since her job hanged her up for a while.

So after the well done opening theme we have this…


Yeah…well yeah…

I’d love to go to school and sit at my desk and get this but it seems weird for my friend here I don’t know.

So for the 90th time, he tells her that he’s her husband in the game only and not in real life.

So she decides to change it up and tells him this.


That’s the way that it was translated it but what she said was Anata. Anata is the most formal version of You in Japanese but with married couples it’s the same as saying honey or sweetie.

So they start to talk about status and affection levels and Akane’s friend comes over and asks if they got to know each other in some type of game. Akane has no idea…sure…

So Saito-sensei voiced by the awesome Yoshino Nanjo and she also sings the ending theme comes in. She seems Nishimura with Ako and asks him to come into the hall where she questions if he’s dating her.

Technically he isn’t…he’s married to her.

So with that she asks him to be nice to her and that’s she’s been missing a lot of school lately.

And as they talk Kyo comes up, says hi to Nishimura, and asks Saito about something they spoke about yesterday but she dodges by saying she has to go the Literary Club.

So we move to the group in the club room where they’re heading out to go to a new grinding spot.

However Ako needs some armor optimization…really bad. She’s wearing anti-water armor when they’re going to a volcano because it’s cute…

I can see why they die so much…

So Nishimura fixes up her settings, her armor, and spells so she can do a bit better.


So after fixing up Ako’s stuff, they head to the volcano and we see Ako’s new garb.

Omake ScreenCap - Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta - Episode 3 - Ako Dark

Maybe it’s just me but I think she looks pretty hot…this was an unintended pun…

Credit given to a good friend and fellow anime blogger, Joeschmo.

So it’s time to start the grind!


But then Akane stops Kyo and says that she can’t use all of her paid items…and it nerfs the heck out of Kyo…


The struggle of the nerfed premium player…


We’ll just have to take your word for that.

So with Kyo down it’s up to Kyo for a revive but all of her usual hotkeys are messed up so it’s pretty hard. So then Nishimura has to play her heal while playing tank as well.

At the end of the session, everyone’s mentally tired more so Nishimura for doing his job and Ako’s.

So after a long session, Ako and Nishimura walk home together and it looks nice and sweet.

Nishimura teases her about if she doesn’t come to school enough she might not graduated. Then she comments that it doesn’t matter since she’s going to be a housewife.

He isn’t about that and he wants dual-income. I understand. Things are expensive and two incomes makes things a bit more safe to deal with. No one wants to lose their job and then be wondering what are we going to do?

But it’s all a bit teasing. And soon they stop a convenience store to get some juice and start talking again, mostly about how this is like a date and their marriage in LA.

It’s some pretty cute dialogue.

So once that ends we go back to the club room where we just get to the another session where Akane apparently need to go to the bathroom.

First mistake…she left her computer unlocked…fool.

And here’s the result of that mistake.


Never leave your computer unlocked around your friends in an MMO.

But this leek has great power….

One swing and she’s already better than a Farfetch’d.

So after playing for a bit more it’s time to call it a day and Ako congratulates Nishimura the only way she knows how.


That is one lucky arm.

But then Akane has to be a downer and mention that the entire point of this club, getting Ako to see the difference between reality and the game, is failing.

Add to the fact that they don’t have an adviser they’ll be closing down soon. Things look bad.

So doing the only thing he feels he can he asks Nekohime for some advice in game.


Nekohime has some good advice and tells him to trend carefully but she also tells him that he’s a good guy for going so far for someone.

So after that conversation we move to the next day and we have a conversation with Nishimura and Ako. He tries to get her to see the difference between the real world and the game.

Good advice but the one thing that Ako focuses on is this.


And then they zoom in on her eyes and that tells me that a yandere moment is about to go down.


The stare of yandere…

And then he as he denies it, that’s all the confirmation that she needs…apparently wives can tell at a glance when their husbands are being unfaithful.

I guess that reddit thread I went to where people were shocked off their butts when their significant other cheated on them was wrong…

And then the conversation gets more and more yandere sounding with Ako asking for the girl’s name and wanting to meet her…poor Nekohime.

Then she just goes straight to traditional anger and then we switch over to the game where we see the tail end of a conversation between Nishimura and Nekohime.

After she leaves, Ako comes out and looks like a yandere master on par with Yuno Gasai…


This one is strong in the yandere side.

So it turns into a thing about how Ako is questioning if Nishimura likes girls that do the Nya thing but then it’s revealed to Ako that Nekohime was the one that broke his heart. That really flames up Ako.

But then Ako leaves saying that’s she got business to take care of.

So we move to the next day and find out from Saito-sensei that Ako isn’t in today.

Then we move to the club meeting where we find Ako in game and she says that’s going to go meet with Nekohime IRL.

Now this is just horrible. Because Nishimura already stated that Nekohime is a guy and we don’t know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy so Ako might be in some real danger here.

However Nishimura’s just chilling, after all Ako’s finally got the difference between the real world and the game.

However Kyo is the one that brings him back to reality.

vlcsnap-2016-05-21-14h50m43s251 vlcsnap-2016-05-21-14h50m50s348

It’s the opposite problem that Ako has. He’s so determined to have the worlds separate he doesn’t think there is some crossover. It is possible for people to meet and fall in love over the internet. And he needs to see that he has feelings for Ako.

And with that Nishimura finally gets it and rushes to meet Ako and stop her from meeting…Saito-sensei.


Saito-sensei is Nekohime? Or should we call her Nekohime-sensei?

vlcsnap-2016-05-21-18h28m31s473 vlcsnap-2016-05-21-18h28m47s544

I can understand bro. You were inches away from dating your teacher even though she’s very hot teacher.

As for Saito-sensei, I understand why she lied. I have friends that play male characters or lie in game so people will stop bothering them in-game.

Reason: Even if they are single, they aren’t playing the game for a love connection. They’re playing to play the game.

As for Ako, she reacts the only way that a yandere can and she pulls out something from her bag…

Omake Gif Anime - Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta - Episode 3 - Saito-sensei Clotheslines Ako

Nah rejected!

And we see that Ako was pulling out a wand…fearsome…

So we move back to the club room where Nekohime-sensei I mean Saito-sensei has been blackmailed…I mean agreed to be the adviser of the Net Game club.

But she’s got one condition: That everyone comes to school as much as they can.

Ah everything has a happy ending…except the blackmailed Saito-sensei.

And with that the episode ends. Ah it’s so good to have a good end bar Saito-sensei…

It was a decent episode in my opinion. It was good to see that Nishimura was able to move a bit forward into accepting that both his and Ako’s feelings aren’t wrong or confused just because they started in the game.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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