The Gatcha as they say Japanese…the embodiment of all that’s good and all that’s evil in the world. It can grant your wishes and make your nightmares real…

This episode was three little episodes in one.

The first bit is Nishimura telling what happened right after he quit his old guild after getting dumped by Nekohime-sensei.

He tried to go to another guild but they were too hardcore as in ‘Bathing? Eating? Going to school/work. Forget it!’

And he was like Nope!

Then we move to the opening.

The first one after the opening is more or less starting with Legendary Age adding a Gatcha mechanic that lets you have the possibility(Key word) of getting rare items if you pay with real money.

Kyo’s all for it.

Meanwhile the common folk that are Free 2 Play are bemoaning their lack of ability to roll so Kyo gives them some of her large amount of cash to do some rolls.

Those poor fools. You cannot defeat the gatcha!

So how did they do?


Let it out…your suffering makes the gatcha stronger.

So while Ako and Nishimura walk home they have a nice little talk about the game and a bit of life. It’s a cute walk home.


Ah one of the traditions of dating, sharing ice cream!

Then we move to the next day where Nishimura’s friends start messing with him about Ako but at least he takes it in stride. Buck up Nishimura. Do they have a hot girlfriend like Ako? Sure she loses some hot points for the yandere sides but she’s still sitting the positive right?

So then Akane and her friend Nanaki walk up and Nishimura tries to be a decent person and say good morning.


How savage of you…he just said good morning. He ain’t announcing your secrets on the PA.

Nanaki apologizes for Akane and then Ako appears in the doorway…being creepy and yandere.


That’s going to lose some hot points right there.

So we move to the end of the day and the beginning of club activities.

So Ako comes in and jumps into Nishimura’s arms and explains all of the girls in her class are all of sudden treating her different.

Different how? As in different like talking to her!

Frightening I understand but from Ako’s perspective, these girls didn’t talk to her before so why do they want to talk now?


To her it probably seems gossipy.

Nishimura turns to Kyo for some advice but she’s never gone out on a date and no one in her class talks to her.

No one wants to talk to the hot rich girl…I know some guys that would disagree…

And Akane’s hyped but her hype goes right down the drain here.


Ah look at that Akane. It’s your dreams of a normal high school life going down the drain, at least according to her.

I don’t understand why she’s so hung on that traditional high school experience. Nishimura does fine having a otaku life and all they do is tease him in good fun.

So we move forward to another day and unfortunately Akane nor Kyo can log in for the day so it’s just Nishimura and Ako so they end up doing a nice little date montage.

And during the date, they end up meeting with Nekohime…sensei. I’m going to keep doing that.

And she’s got bodyguards…


What the heck is he? Did Cloud Strife say screw fighting Sephiroth I’m going to play Net Games! I’d say complete the lie and hire Takahiro Sakurai to voice him!

So we see a whole bunch of the reasons that girls play as guys in MMOs. They get no peace.

So once they manage to get away from Nekohime-sensei’s White Knight squad, they end up meeting up with a newbie.

Omake ScreenCap - Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta - Episode 4 - Sette Newbie

Sette is the French Word for Seven. Akane’s friend’s name is Nanaki which has the character for Seven in it.

Subtle much?

So Ako gets jealous of Sette without even really knowing her but things look they’re going to turn out good.

So the next day the group gets ready to go out on the grind and then Sette appears again and starts clinging on to Nishimura which makes Ako even more jealous.

And with that the episode ends.

A really nice date episode but it also shows Ako getting jealous. I understand that this is her first relationship so anything’s going to rock the boat with her but Nanaki isn’t interested in Nishimura that way.

No one is actually. This is not a harem. It merely looks that way.

Thanks again to my friend, Joeschmo, for letting me use his gifs and his pics.

Here’s his link to the episode.

So that’s all I’ve got here.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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