A nice moment at the end of the episode makes Ako’s understandable but unbased jealous better.

So we start the episode with where we were last episode with Sette with our guildettes.

After the opening we have Ako asking to play a different game.

Then Kyo offers up this game to play.


A shooter? Eh I’m not a guy that loves Shooters but I can get behind a few of them. COD is never one of them.

Ako wonders if she can get behind it to which Kyo gives her this thought…

vlcsnap-2016-05-22-09h36m51s384 vlcsnap-2016-05-22-09h36m53s775

Those poor in game fools are going to get slaughtered now…

vlcsnap-2016-05-22-09h39m11s825 vlcsnap-2016-05-22-09h39m15s309

Well she’s set for slaughter and everyone else is ready to go.

So we move onto Ultra Force and we see the team.

Seriously Kyo, why a bikini top in a shooter?


See did that help you? Then again they’re all bad so it didn’t matter either way.

So then good old Nishimura gets off guard and has the guys on his butt but good things that Ako’s running the sniper position.

Ah the healer. Other than the mage which is typically in the middle of a formation, they are in the furthest away from the action. Being a sniper suits Ako well and at least she can’t kill her teammates this way.

But the bad side is that she stays up all night playing it…

You’ve got to go to school! Go to bed!

So we move to the next day and we see that Nishimura was following in Ako’s example and stayed up all night too playing it.

So when Ako comes to visit Nishimura we see that no matter what game she plays she gets caught up in it. Now she’s imitating stealth moves like she’s freaking Sly Cooper.

vlcsnap-2016-05-22-09h48m02s418 vlcsnap-2016-05-22-09h48m16s478

Nishimura catches her and brings her inside where Ako goes all make believe sniper mode on the normies…cool it Ako…

So that’s interrupted by Akane’s friend Nanaki coming up and saying hi. She’s a bit confused about how they had a club meeting but they didn’t meet in LA.

Then it’s obviously explained that Nanaki is Sette. Seriously. I’m shocked. It was so unexpected…

Then again look at their looks of shock.

vlcsnap-2016-05-22-09h57m36s295 vlcsnap-2016-05-22-09h57m39s620

Then again from an audience perspective it was obvious from their perspective it was a coincendence…Eh

So when Nanaki comments that Ako and Nishimura are a couple in game and Nishimura moves to explain something to her, she does this.


You are setting up your death right here sweetie. You don’t mess with a yandere’s boyfriend.

And with that Ako runs out of the classroom while Akane’s going crazy about how her high school life is over.

So the group goes to the staff room to speak with Nekohime-sensei I mean Saito-sensei. There they explain that Ako must have felt jealous of how Nanaki was getting all close to him and assumed that she was interested him.

Nah. Trust me Ako. You’re the only one that wants him. Kyo isn’t interested, Akane isn’t interested. Nanaki isn’t interested. Saito would go to jail.

But Ako doesn’t know that and she’s feeling threatened. Granted she’s never been in relationship before and she doesn’t really know how to talk her problems out.

So they think that they should give Ako a little bit of time to work this out by herself.

Not the best idea. If anything you should go right now and set things straight.

Well this explains why Ako wanted to play a different game. She didn’t want to see Sette.

So we move to the end of the day at the club meeting but Ako isn’t there. So Nishimura logs in and finds Ako in some type of forest.

She says that she’s going to live in LA now and quit school and then reincarnate herself in game so she can live a better life.

Which is sad which means that Ako is depressed IRL so she’s throwing herself into the game to try and make herself feel better.

So then once Nishimura exits the game that while Ako’s actions are weird, she’s not acting out against others. She’s closing herself off which oddly better than attacking others. Not the best behavior but better than what’s she’s been doing.

So the only thing to do is for Nishimura to do his thing with Ako.

So we head to the next day and Nishimura skips school to go and see Ako at home.


Oh is this her sister…nah this is anime. That’s probably her mother.

There is a bright side to this. At least you know that her looks are good for a long time…

So all during this conversation Ako’s mom is make some type of innuedo like he’s just here to visit and she keeps calling him Ako’s husband.

Then she gives him this key.


Literally this is the key to Ako’s room, figuratively this is the key to her daughter’s virginity…

Then she leaves to go to work.

So Nishimura walks upstairs and knocks on the door and opens it.

Omake ScreenCap - Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta - Episode 5 - Ako Not Dressed

I guess she’s the “I like to walk around in my underwear at home” type. I have a cousin that does this. No pants at home. The least he can do is put some pants when there are guests.

So he closes the door to get into something then when he opens the door again, she’s like this.

Omake Gif Anime - Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta - Episode 5 - Ako Naked

And she says be gentle…

He tells her to put some clothes on.

Bro, why? I understand he’s noble but come on. Her mom said okay, gave you the figurative key to her virginity, she said you can go for it. What’s left?! Legal written permission?

So after that Ako gets some clothes on and they have some tea.

After Ako explains that she can stay in her room for up to a week without leaving, Nishimura wonders where she goes to the bathroom.


Yeah…that’s possible.


That poor boy.


Ah she trolled him good. Her journey to the best girl side is now complete.


So after the jokes and the innuendos we come to the real reason why he’s here? Is he here to bring her back to school?

Nah they’re just going to play games all day.

And by that, she’s actually going to learn a good healer rotation and by the end of the day she’s actually a better healer.

So by the end of the day at the club meeting, Kyo, Akane, and even Saito-sensei are there to virtually meet up with Nishimura and Ako in game.

He tells them that he’s going to quit school and play the game all the time. However Ako doesn’t want him to quit for her because then he wouldn’t be able to see Kyo and Akane IRL anymore.

He turns it on her and says if it’s good for her then it is for him. Then he asks if she doesn’t want to go back to school. She doesn’t.

It’s not because she isn’t doing well it’s because she feels uncomfortable and lonely there. That club and the people in it are only safe zone.

So he asks if she had fun today and she says yeah but real life is hard.

So Nishimura says this.

That’s so sweet of him.


And even if she gets scared again he’ll skip school to be with her again and bring back her smile. Pretty nice, Nishimura. It may have taken 6 episodes but he’s a real boyfriend that cares about her.

And we end the episode with Ako going back to school and talking with the girls from her class about her boyfriend and how awesome he is for going to her house while she was sick.

And with that the episode is over.

A pretty nice episode right at the end there. I liked it a lot that Nishimura is going further for Ako now.

Thanks again to my friend, Joeschmo, for letting me use his gifs and his pics.

Here’s his link to the episode.

So that’s all I’ve got here.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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