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This is going to be a more general review based on my style of manga reviews.


The story is about Makoto, a young witch from Yokohama, that moves to Aomori to live with some relatives as part of her training. What follows is Makoto’s daily life as she gets used to her new environment and her relatives and the new friends she makes there are introduced to the customs and peculiarities of witchcraft.

Let’s get down to the main review.


The art of this show is actually pretty good. The colors are bright and gentle while the animation has a decently moving pace which fits the theme and focus of the show.


The story isn’t really a narrative type of story that builds on itself. It is instead each and every episode is pretty much a little story which is mostly about Makoto and her cousins either living their lives in their small town or Makoto showing them stuff about magic and witch culture.

It’s not a really pulse pounding anime but it’s a good fluffy and relaxing anime that makes you feel good and happy watching it. I love it so much. It’s the healing anime of this season.



She’s cutely ditzy but very likable. I haven’t really seen a scene where she wasn’t interesting. She’s more of an old school witch, moving to a new town in order to do her witch training a la Kiki’s Delivery Service.



Chinatsu brings something new to the world of anime when children are around. She actually acts like a child. She’s awkward around strangers, she’s picky about what she eats, and she’s got a very cute view of the world. She’s a refreshing child to see when a lot of children in media aren’t acting like actual children.


Kei doesn’t really make a lot of impact on me but just because he doesn’t make impact with me doesn’t mean that he’s not interesting to me. He’s always funny with just casual commentary on some of the weird or the little things that some of the other characters talk about.


Akane must have used Projection Magic a little too much. That’s a Fate/Stay Night joke. Akane’s a top tier witch in the anime and Makoto’s older sister. She’s actually pretty interesting in that she’s very relaxed and really helpful both with helping Makoto with her magic and playing around with Kei, Chinatsu, and Nao, Kei’s friend. She’s kinda like a cat in a way.

So that’s all I’ve got. I’m sorry that this review took so long to come out. I’m going to put out the last two reviews on time or at least as on time as I can. I’ve got a new job that will come in on Monday, June 20th and a new computer to try and build.

I hope that I’ll be able to do a lot more interesting stuff with a new computer.

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