Sorry about the title. It’s the only thing I could think of.

So we start this episode with Nishimura in the room with Ako…well in the game and we see him in his hotel room.

Then he just gets ejected from the game.


So things are looking fishy…however before he can check things better he drops a can of soda and cleans it up so it takes a second to realize what really happened.


Turns out Kyo had said there had been some net game account stealing around and LA had been one of the games mentioned so she advised everyone to be careful with their accounts.

And then he realizes at that moment someone logged into his account and is now talking with Ako…

Frightening for someone with her mindset…she can be lured somewhere…

So Nishimura moves quick to warn Ako about his stolen account.


And when she opens the door she’s sad looking.


What did that bastard say to you?! Who dare make best girl sad?!

Then it’s shown through the chatlog that he got really sexual with her but Ako managed to figure out that it wasn’t Nishimura. I was able to tell that too…

First of all, Nishimura’s pretty calm or at the least not outwardly perverted. So he isn’t going to ask for some nudes.

Secondly Nishimura has seen Ako
1. In her underwear
2. Naked
3. In a bikini
4. In a towel

He doesn’t need nudes and he already knows that she’s hot.

So after that Ako gets sad that she, even for a moment, thought that the fake was him. Nishimura doesn’t blame her since she’s done nothing wrong.

Then we move to the entire club with Nishimura and Ako while they explain the situation. Kyo apologizes for Nishimura’s account since she’s the one that got them to the event. Nishimura tells her it’s not her fault.

Everyone just loves to play the blame game sometimes. Don’t blame yourself for the actions of others.

However the big issue is this.

Nishimura explains after he got hacked, he got his information changed so he regained control of his account but the damage had already been done.


Poor guy. I couldn’t even keep playing any of my games if my account was deleted. I’ve been playing Fate/Grand Order since near the beginning of the game and Love Live for at least a year or so. Each card I have has a story behind it and I care about them all.

The bastard! If he was just after items to steal, just unload all the items to somewhere else! Deleting characters is too much!

However now it’s a race against time. Nishimura wants to get back some of the items that lost after the guy stole his account. I understand the feeling. In both Fate/Grand Order and LLSIF, there are cards that you can only get if you were there during that specific event or something.

I have Caster Liz, Nobunaga Oda, Dress of Heaven Irisviel, Arturia Alter Rider, Ryougi Shiki, and whole bunch of unique event crafts from Grand Order. Most of them probably aren’t coming back again so any new account will never have them.

So everyone agrees to help out and goes to their rooms to drum up some of their in-game contacts. Meanwhile Nishimura goes in-game with a temp character to call on that guy from that super-guild. Apparently he’s called Black Magician…Yu Gi Oh called they want their name back…

The guy’s pretty chill. Even more chill than I thought when he first showed up. So Nishimura asks him for some help with finding some of his items as well as tracking down the guy that sold them.

Normally some high level players wouldn’t bother. But here, he just does it so fast and it’s not a ‘I help you now, you help me later’ type thing. It’s we play the same game so we should stick together and that’s nice. I wish more games were like this.

Meanwhile we head over Nekohime-sensei and her squad of admirers.


Nothing gets people more willing to do anything in a video game than a pretty girl…

Then we move over to Kyo and Nishimura checking out some merchants to who look like they’re selling off Nishimura’s items.

However while they’re doing it, one of Nekohime-sensei’s guards, Cloud(yes the guy that looks like Cloud from Final Fantasy), sends a message and says that he found Nishimura’s wedding ring from Ako.


That’s a relief. That’s probably a one of a kind item especially with the special engraving.

So after the trip, Kyo and Nishimura go to the school to explain what happened. It took me a second understand why. Ako could have easily been in danger because of what happened on the trip so it was important to inform the school of what happened.

So after leaving the class, Nishimura wonders if Ako will still care about him since his character is gone. Kyo reassures him that Ako cares about him, seeing as she was able to tell that it wasn’t him with the fake Rusian.

I’m not going to knock the moment but if your boyfriend who has never been the type to ask for nudes before suddenly asks for nudes, you’ve got a problem.

Anyway so it’s one thing to mess with him but Nishimura wants some good old fashion revenge for making Ako sad and that’s something that Kyo can get behind.

It’s revealed by Black Magician that the guy that Nishimura got his account stolen by does what’s called RMT which is trading real money for in game items…yeah that’s bad…really bad…

Deven hides his Helena account which he paid for


Anyway…so Nishimura gets the idea for how to catch the guy and they spend the next few days without sleep to get it done.

So it takes Nishimura, Kyo, and Akane a few days to manage to set up a trap that’s going to get the guy but before then we get this.

Omake ScreenCap - Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta - Episode 8 - Ako Front Door

Pretty sexy…then he shuts the door in her face…Dude…

After that he opens the door and while she doesn’t understand what Akane, Kyo, and Nishimura are doing, she sees that they’re working hard and she gives her support as his wife.

Then she questions if Nishimura’s character is deleted then what does that make them…


Seriously…that’s what you’re going for. Just friends. Episode 7 and 6 were all about you wanting to confess that you love her! Come on Nishimura! Don’t back step!

So that teasing goes for a little bit, before we go to the school with Nishimura and the group. They’ve set up a sting and it looks like it worked.

I have to admit that took a long time but it was so good to see an account stealer get his just desserts.

And the episode ends with Nishimura remarrying Ako in game with all of their friends and guildmates watching.

And with that the episode ends. A pretty good episode in my opinion. Ako is adorably cute.

Thanks again to Joeschmo for allowing me to use his pictures.

Here’s the link to his blog.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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