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So in seeing that the Spring season is almost over. I decided to do a double review for episode 9 and 10 of Netoge and a multiple episode review of Flying Witch…yes I was supposed to review Flying Witch.

It’s a good relaxing show but it’s not something I like to review because it’s so slow paced.

Anyway back to the reviews…

So for episode nine, it’s a bit unusual since it’s an anime exclusive story written by the light novel author.

It’s a little story about the girls of the Net Game Club and Nanaki doing their summer homework at Kyo’s house.

It’s got a lot of funny little scenes with Nanaki and Ako exploring Kyo’s house.

Omake Gif Anime - Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta - Episode 9 - Ako Nanako Peek

Kyo channels Aizen from Bleach…

Omake Gif Anime - Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta - Episode 9 - Kyou Dramatic Lighting

After seeing this it makes me think that her staff in game is called Kyoka Suigetsu…

And running around in the bath.

Poor Akane. Being the only flat one in the bath of girls that are all very above average.

So while they’re doing their girl in the bath type stuff, Ako pulls out her cellphone(from where I do not know) and tries to do a video conference with Nishimura.

This ends up turning into a naked chase with all the girls and unfortunately for Nishimura he didn’t get a chase to see.

So after the bath, all the girls go to bed where Nanaki asks why Ako thinks why she does.

Now it took a lot of people explaining it to me on reddit anime before I got it.

Ako’s logic is this explanation but in reverse which basically means that because she and Nishimura are married in game there is no point to dating in the real world…


This is my reaction as well…

And the episode ends with all the girls logging into the game to complain to Nishimura about how the heck does he deal with Ako.

And now we move to episode 10.

So the episode starts off with everyone heading to school but there’s something wrong since Ako hasn’t come into say hi to Nishimura.

Turns out she’s at home, naked ready to play the game…

She forgot that school restarted…it’s okay I understand. It happens to us all. However…GET DRESSED AND GET TO SCHOOL!

So once Ako gets to school and the day ends with the club.

Saito-sensei asks what’s the best part about the second term and all the kids say stuff about doing stuff in the game before Saito screams.


Nope it’s the cultural festival and since they’re gamers they have no idea what to do.

So with no ideas, they think to prove that they’ve been a good club by using the game’s new PvP feature and setting up the school symbol as their victory symbol.

They try to train for PvP but things just don’t go well.

Kyo sucks at fighting people, Ako needs to be handheld, and Akane and Nishimura are about half decent.

I think they might be able to take it…



So coming to the point where they’ve gotten owned and Kyo calls in everyone to help out.


That’s good but you guys got owned when you came in with 4 people, what do you think is going to change with 6 people?

However Kyo thought around that and has bought herself some in game mercenaries…I mean soldiers of fortune…yeah let’s call it that.

And with that the episode ends.

A decent episode in my opinion.

I’m interested in how the mercenaries how play and stuff.

Thanks again to Joeschmo for allowing me to use his pictures.

Here’s the link to his blog.

So that’s all we’ve got for this review.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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