We all know that there are multiple routes in the visual novel, Fate/Stay Night. However some people don’t know that Nasuverse is actually a multiverse. Which basically means that each route is its own world and have no connection to the route before it.

The act of playing the route in the order of Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven’s Feel is more to give the sense of development via going through the different routes.

That being said, each Shiro has his own set of feats and developments through the route and I’m about to count down my top five. It’s okay because there’s only 5 versions of Shiro anyway.

So starting off at Number 5.

5. Fate Shiro

You know it. I can’t deny that Shiro from the Fate route isn’t my favorite. The romance between Shiro and Saber is kind of forced. Add to the fact that Shiro is kind of sexist in this route it doesn’t really add to his quality of self.

That being said he does have some good feats and moments in this route like choosing to keep Illya after defeating Berserker and defeated Kotomine.

I also like the scene You Are My Shooting Star/You Are My Only Star. It’s the scene after Shiro goes to talk with Kotomine about the possibility of keeping Saber after the war. It takes him a second to realize why he wants this until it hits him that he loves her.

That was my big scene of the Fate route. Not the fights but this simple realization was my favorite part of the route.

Time for Number 4.

4. Heaven’s Feel Shiro

Someone’s going to want to fight me right now but I don’t care.

This is mostly because of my dislike of Sakura. Then again I’ve always said, “If you want to see Sakura at her best, watch anything that isn’t Fate/Stay Night.”

I firmly believe this because she doesn’t get much development during Fate nor Unlimited Blade Works then it’s all thrown at us all at once during Heaven’s Feel.

The main reason that I think that Heaven’s Feel Shiro should be at number 4 is because while his feats are awesome, the person he’s doing it for isn’t. Sakura doesn’t have much development, she’s not active in her own route, her relationship with Shiro is insanely co-dependent.

I’m not saying that Shiro isn’t decent during this route, he’s just not with a proactive and interesting Sakura. There are other Sakuras that are more interesting. My favorite version of Sakura will be talked about later.

3. Hollow Ataxaria Shiro

Now I haven’t finish this game yet but I’ve seen enough of it to make a decent opinion of it.

Shiro is far more characterized here and you see his interactions with everyone around the entire city of Fuyuki. It’s an interesting part of Fate.

The action parts are fairly interesting as well. In Hollow Ataxaria it is impossible to cross the bridge that leads from Miyama(where Shiro, Rin, and Sakura live) to Shinto(where the church is) because Archer is watching. So through a lot of training, Shiro and Saber manage to break through his long range sniping with a well used Command Spell and Shiro’s use of Rho Aias.

2. Unlimited Blade Works Shiro

You already knew this.

Unlimited Blade Works is my favorite route so of course it’d be high ranked. The action and the feelings in this route come together perfectly. I like how the fact that Shiro is challenged in this route by Rin, Archer, and even Gil says that his ideal is dumb.

You don’t get that in Fate since Saber enables Shiro’s ideal and Sakura secretly adores the fact that Shiro is going so far for her for the first time ever. Rin on the other hand challenges Shiro and says she wants to make him feel happy for the first time in his life.

The action and the emotion of the route are tied together with the fight against Archer and Gil where those are the turning points of the route and what set Shiro up to be the person that he is for the future.

1. Prisma Shiro

Eh? I bet that’s what a lot of you are saying.

This guy?

Fate kaleid liner Prisma Illya - 08 - Large 18

The guy that Sella, Liz, and Iri mess with everyday and Kuro makes it looks like he’s a lolicon.

No I’m not talking about that Shiro. Remember that the Nasuverse is a multiverse.

Spoilers for the end of Zwei and Drei Anime

At the end of the Zwei manga, Illya and friends were teleported to a new world. That world has a Shiro in it and dear god he’s awesome.

007_03_27_2016_08_48_41 Nine_Lives_AUShirou tumblr_nrxb9bEt7M1uzwbyjo1_500

He’s Miyu’s older brother and during Part I(the anime is likely going to cover this) he literally shows some of the most awesome combat Shiro has ever shown in any other medium. Then in Part 2(not likely to be shown) Shiro explains how Miyu got to Illya’s world.

It has a lot of good stuff about him and has a way better Sakura than the Fate/Stay Night route. I’d describe as more active and more secondary focus because Shiro loves Sakura romantically but he cares more for Miyu. And she accepts this but she’s still sad but still tries her damnest to help Shiro regardless.

If I had to compare him to any other Shiro it would be the power-set of Unlimited Blade Works Shiro with the mindset of Heaven’s Feel.

He’s definitely interesting.

So that’s my list. Remember that this is only opinion.

So until the next post,
Later Days

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